Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pain, Pain Go Away (and winner of $15 gift card)

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When I realized I was almost late for my mid-term test that December morning, I dove into my black VW Beetle without fastening my seatbelt or defrosting the windows. That was forty years ago. And I’m still paying for it.
After the car on my right broadsided me, I slammed into the passenger side windshield, bounced off, and landed on the seat. I’m grateful I woke up with only a mild whiplash. It could have been so much worse.
But the residual effects of that accident have caused me much neck and shoulder pain. I vary my work activities so I’m not on the computer too much. My chiropractor is a huge help. And of course, I’m trusting God for total healing.
I could have prevented that accident, had I taken a few minutes to fasten my seatbelt and un-fog the windows. And who knows—perhaps that little accident that taught me to always buckle up saved me from a much bigger accident down the road. 

Even when we’re foolish, the Lord brings good out of it.
From the profit he’s made from me, my chiropractor can take his wife to dinner once a month. . .

Have you ever been in a car accident? How did you fare?
And now, for the winner of the $15 gift card from my Name that Book contest...

Dave Fessenden--congratulations! The title I decided on, Shock the Clock, was inspired by Dave's idea of a clock on the cover of the book, and several titles he submitted including the word "clock." 
Thanks to everyone who contributed ideeas. I appreciate all your help. You guys always come through when my brain isn't enough!


  1. I'm glad you weren't hurt more than you were. I took a tumble on some ice one time and turned the trunk of my body from facing north to facing east. That happened when we were very new newly weds and I just wonder if that tumble caused problems later on.

  2. Hi Jeanette! Oh my goodness, how scary! I have been in a few accidents, but they have been 'fender benders'. I leave totaling the car to my son. He's so good at it, he did it twice! Thank the Lord that he was never hurt, or hurt anyone.

    I will keep you in my prayers for continued healing.

  3. The wreck sounds awful- I'm so thankful it wasn't any worse. And congratulations to Dave- love the name!


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