Tuesday, July 1, 2014

In Jesus, We Are All Winners

Chosen Last, again?
As I child, I disliked games in P.E. where the teacher would choose two team captains, then the captains chose their teams one by one. I was not the most athletic kid, but I was friendly, so I usually got chosen somewhere in the middle of the lot.

My heart ached for the kids chosen last because they were either clumsy or unpopular. And they must have fel the sting of that unspoken label of loser.

My husband, now in his sixties, still talks about being chosen last at games of this sort when he was a kid. Yet he is one of the most compassionate, romantic, kind men I know. I often tell him that he reminds me more of Jesus than anyone I've ever known.

So raspberries to those children--now also in their sixties--who chose little Kevin last. God made him a winner!

In Jesus, we are all winners. He's the team captain who chooses everyone for His side. And those who come running when He calls are approved, valuable, and capable. He has a magnificent way of turning losers into winners. I love that about Him.

Speaking of Winners, the winner of Family on the Range by Jessica Nelson is my blogging buddy Ceil, for her lovely answer about second chances: "I believe in second chances because sometimes, being faced with new ideas or demands, I just freeze up. It's overwhelming, and I either can't move, or I think of all the reasons it won't work. After a while, I warm to the idea! Thank God he knows that about me! What a patient and understanding God we have."

Amen to that, Ceil! Thanks to all who entered the contest, and please come back for more giveaways this year.

Did you have to play the chooser/loser game as a child? What aspect of God's love most makes you feel like a winner?