Tuesday, April 10, 2018

5 Things You May Wish You Didn't Know

Do you love happy little tidbits about other bloggers, or do you prefer to know they have messy lives, just like you?

Today I decided to share 5 things about myself with you--not gooey, pink and purple cupcake things. Rather, things that may shock, anger, or repulse you about me. But in the end, I'll know who my kindred spirits are if you say, that's okay--I love you anyway! Here goes...

1. I am so crazy about my four cats,  I talk baby talk to them, let them jump on the kitchen counters, and sleep in our bed with us.

2. I have no patience for demanding, rude, ornery people. I want to sock them, send them to three weeks of time out, or take away their binkies.

3. I hate housework. I keep up with laundry, dishes, and clean sheets on the bed, but I hire someone to come in and clean.

4. I get my feelings hurt way too easily.

5. I keep my desk at work tidy, but my office at home is a zoo.

Do you like to hear only good things about others, or does finding out others' faults endear them to you? 


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