Monday, January 28, 2013

Your Reading Habits

I'd be lying if I told you the only reason I write is to glorify God. I write because it feels good. It scratches a huge itch in my soul for creative expression, for significance, for connection with others on a level of understanding that can't be acheived by mere converstation.

And for you.

Yep. I write because I want to enrich your life, help you discover the bottomless heart of God, and add more laughter to your days.

I realize you read more than humorous inspiration, though. And I'd like to know. . . what are your reading habits?

What genre do you mostly read?

When do you read?

Do you like long or short books and/or articles?

What keeps you reading long after the clock says "bedtime"?

Do you think a humor/devotional writer could pen a succesful novel?

And speaking of reading, I just got word that my publisher is offering one of my books free on this

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