Tuesday, June 12, 2018

What’s the big deal about Jesus?

     What’s the big deal about Jesus?Why are millions of his disciples willing to risk their lives and reputations to follow him? Because they believe he is who he claimed to be—according to historical records of his talks—the Son of God and the only way to God. They’ve experienced his love and forgiveness in their own lives.

     When a person realizes they’ve sinned and can’t change themselves, it leads to either despair or a search for someone who can give them hope. Jesus is that someone.

      Born of a virgin, Jesus lived a sinless life, preached about God’s personality and kingdom for three years, and then willingly gave up his life to take the punishment for all our sins—everyone in history,
including you and me. After three days, he rose from the dead, proving he was God in the flesh.

      When we believe these facts about Jesus and open our hearts to him, the Bible says we are “born again.” He comes to live in us, exchanging our sinful selves for his eternal life, making us God’s children.     
If you long to get out of the pit of sin, receive a new life and a forever home with God in Heaven, you can become one of Jesus’ followers. All you need to do is believe that Jesus is who he claims to be, turn away from your sin, say “Jesus is Lord,” invite him into your heart, and be immersed in water in his name. He will then make you a new person, full of his life and power.

     Want to find out about Jesus’ claims for yourself? Please read the book of John in the Bible.


  1. I love the Gospel of John. Do you know the movie by that name? I have watched it 14 times and I am still learning new things about Jesus.

    1. Marja: John is my favorite, too. I think because it's so personal and warm.


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