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“Jen’s quick wit and snappy humor belies the depth of her message. Those who hear her encouraging words will go away refreshed and renewed in their vision, ready to tackle that next task along their journey.” --- Diana Flegal/ Literary Agent, Hartline Literary Agency    
"Jeanette's writing can best be described as bi-polar: one minute you're laughing at her comical observations on life and the next reeling with conviction from her spiritual lessons. But no need for psychotropic drugs. Just enjoy her wit and wisdom in this delightful, habit-forming book!”
---James N. Watkins, award-winning author and humorist
“God is everywhere. He’s present in the grand, curious and mundane moments of our lives -- in a disappointing bowl of noodles at a highly touted deli; at a wedding in which the organist is a no-show; at the gravesite of a father who died just when a young daughter needed him most. The vignettes in “Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top” represent snapshots of everyday life, and Jeanette Levellie reminds us the Lord’s grace and power can be found in each story. Her deft writing gave me reasons to laugh, think, and be grateful. This book is good for the heart.”
              ---Mark Bennett, Columnist, Editorialist, and Features Writer, Terre Haute Tribune Star 

“Jeanette Levellie sparkles in her laugh-out-loud Two Scoops of Grace with Chuckles on Top. Love this delicious gift of encouragement perfect for anyone in need of a dose of sugar. I couldn't put it down. Each chapter kept me hungry for another lick.”
---Elaine W. Miller, Speaker and Author of three books including, We All Married Idiots: Three Things You'll Never Change About Your Life and Ten Things You Can.   

“Jeanette Levellie is truly the Erma Bombeck of Christian writers. Her many humorous anecdotes drive home a serious message: God in his grace loves and accepts each of us unconditionally through Jesus Christ. Two Scoops of Grace will bring a smile (or ten, or fifty) to your face and encouragement to your heart.”
---Dean Christensen, Director, Office of Advising Services, California State University, Fresno,  author, copyeditor, and voiceover talent

"Jeanette's book is witty, wise, wacky and wonderful--a humorous look at lessons learned by a pastor's wife in a small town in Mid-America.  You will laugh and learn as you read this book!"
---Carole Ledbetter, Regional Speaker Trainer, Stonecroft Ministries
“Jeanette combines wisdom and gentle humor to mend tattered souls.  Her sweet spirit and selfless attitude rest upon her listeners like a nurse's reassuring hand.  She is one of the most compassionate, encouraging Christians you will ever meet.”
           ---Cammie Quinn, Author
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