Thursday, March 7, 2013

Broom Go Zoom: Accomplishing Overwhelming Tasks

IN a recent email to an overwhelmed friend who has five kids and is a freelance writer, this thought flew out of my heart and through my fingers:

"If you had to sweep the floor of an airplane hangar, you wouldn't tackle the entire floor at once. It's too big a job. You'd sweep one square at a time, until you were done. Look at this project in the same way. Just break it down bit by bit, and work on one piece at a time. Soon you'll be done. And I will pray that the Lord make your broom go zoom, so you can finish even faster than you'd imagined!"

Do you get overwhelmed with huge projects that seem as big as sweeping out an airplane hangar? Try writing down each step of the process, then checking them off as you accomplish them. This makes the task manageable.

I will pray for you, like I did for my friend, that your broom will go zoom!

What are you facing today, that seems way too large? I'd like to pray for you. . .