Thursday, May 30, 2013

Five Tasks You Can Accomplish in Five Minutes

You only have five minutes before you zoom out the door for DS’s soccer match, a hair appointment, or DD’s dance lesson. What can you accomplish in that short amount of time? You may be surprised how five little minutes can make a big difference in your life. 

v  Pray for guidance, protection, our nation’s leaders, your family, and your kids’ teachers. If you home school, you need all the prayer you can get!

v  Writers: revise one paragraph or sentence of your WIP. Readers: devour a quick snack of the novel you’re reading.

v  Open God’s Word and see what wisdom, love, or new ideas pop out as you meditate. 

v  Write a thank you note to a fellow blogger, teacher, or mentor who’s inspired you.

v  Answer an email from a friend. Since you reap whatever you sow, God is sure you send you a morsel of encouragement the next time you need it.

What ways do you make the most of wee snippets of time?