Friday, June 21, 2013

From the Throne of Grace

When I say, "The Lord spoke to me," I don't mean I heard an audible voice. I mean in my heart, where Jesus abides, I have an impression, a nudge, a sentence or two that I know cannot possibly be from my pea brain, as I'm not that wise by myself. So please bear that in mind when I share the following whispers from the Throne of Grace:

"Don't be quick to point your finger at someone else and say, "They are so needy." You are needy yourself--you just cover it up well."

"The answer to operating like Me and living out of My life instead of your emotions and flesh is: love. Everything I did and do is motivated by love."

"Speak what you believe; not what you see or fear. Say who you are; not how you feel."

"When are you going to receive my peace? After the storm has gone by, and ANYONE can see it's calm?"

"It's easier to serve Me like Martha than to sit at My feet and listen like Mary. Martha wants to nourish Me; Mary lets Me nourish her."

Which of these resonate with you? Does the Lord speak to you in odd moments? How important is hearing His voice in your walk with Him?