Monday, June 3, 2013

Seven Little Confessions

When I was fourteen and got into a little trouble, my Aunt Joyce told me, “Confession is good for the soul.”   That was over forty years ago, and I’ve been surprising people with my candor ever since. Why should today be any different? 

1.      My husband brings me coffee from freshly ground beans every morning.  When he is gone overnight, I tote the programmable coffee maker into the bedroom and set it on my desk across the room, so I can wake up to the smell of coffee brewing.  I’m not lazy. I just prefer to use my energy for more important activities, like laughing and watching Monk reruns.

2.      I spoil my four cats beyond reason, talking baby talk to them and letting them climb wherever they want. They even jump on the bathroom counter and drink water from a cup there. I tell each of them that they’re my favorite one. Please don’t let the cat out of the bag and snitch on me.

3.      We lived in Illinois six years before I shoveled snow the first time, and that was only because my husband had broken his ankle.  I wanted to give him the opportunity to show off his upper body muscles, so I let him shovel the years before.

4.       I love to slide across the kitchen floor in my stocking feet. You too? I knew it!

5.      I am not fond of cooking. My favorite cookbook is one containing recipes of three, four, and five ingredients. My husband does most of the cooking at our house, which is fine with me.

6.      My favorite sport is dining out. Shopping comes a close second. My favorite items to shop for are gift cards for restaurants.
Our youngest grand--a redhead!
7.      My hair is not this bright red; its natural color is auburn, which went bye-bye when I was thirty-five.  My youngest granddaughter’s hair is the same shade. YES!

Ahhh . . .  that does feel better.  Aunt Joyce was right.