Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fifty Shades of Orange

Since cooler weather is upon us, I decided my carrots needed to come out of the ground and into the freezer. I tugged and pulled alone for an hour, sweating, squatting, kneeling and squealing (not really, but it's a fun word that rhymes with kneeling).

The more carrots I lined up on the lawn, the more there seemed to be in the garden. We soon had fifty shades of orange. Were they multiplying, like their loppy-eared consumers?

Finally I prayed, "Lord, if you want me to get these carrots done today, will you please send Kevin out here to help me?"

Five minutes later, my hero-who-hates-to-garden appeared. "Need some help?" he offered. I took it.

Using our brains together, we came up with a tug-toss-rinse-tote plan that got those orange babies into the house lickety-split. Once inside, we scrubbed, chopped, blanched, and froze like pros.

The world calls it synergy: two or more people working together to accomplish far more than double the efforts of one.

God calls it unity: teaming up our talents and hearts to reach divine goals.

Whatever name you give it, the end result is fifty shades of orange. If I had continued to work alone, I'd be  shades of tired. Kevin set aside his desire to read a book or watch a movie to help me reach my goal. And it made me love him more than I did yesterday. Because...

he doesn't even like carrots!

Have you or someone you know set aside their desires to help another? How did it turn out?