Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Three Sayings I Love to Hate

I'm sure you're shocked and appalled that I use the word hate. But since these are popular sayings--not people--I love to hate, I will not apologize. Here's why I hate them...

It Is What It Is
                Our lawn is so overgrown it’s tickling our nose, we need an undertaker for our marriage, and our checkbook hasn’t balanced since Reagan was prez. But this stupid saying gives us the perfect excuse to leave things alone, and be as lazy as we please.  
Good Luck
                If someone says this to me, I politely respond, “thank you.” But under my breath, I counter it with, “I don’t need luck. I have God on my side. He will protect me, help me, and give me wisdom.”  I don’t do luck. I do faith in a God who has promised never to leave me alone.
It’s All Good
            Oh, really? Are the people who say this blind, deaf, or both? If we’re in Baskin Robbins, Wilbur Chocolate Factory, or Trader Joe’s and you say this, okay. Otherwise, nothing is ALL good except Jesus and Heaven, and we’re not there yet.  
You didn’t know I was this sarcastic, hmmm?  What popular sayings bug you?