Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Can You Dream Too Big?

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of marrying a wealthy man and owning a mansion with a swimming pool, so I could call my mean older brother and un-invite him over to swim. As a teenager, I dreamed of singing opera in lavish costumes and writing books.
Most people think only one of my dreams came true. But I would argue about the definition of the word “wealthy” in relation to my husband. It’s true we don’t own a mansion with a swimming pool. But he is a faithful, godly man who cares for me more than his own life, and you can’t trade that for all the stuff in the world.  So, I contend that two of my three biggest dreams are now reality.
I let go of the other one after I realized that I love writing and being a wife more than starving myself to fit into opera costumes and practicing scales four hours a day.  Also because I don’t like opera music!

Seven down;; 93 to go!

But I have other dreams I’ve picked up along the way—things like authoring or co-authoring 100 books, traveling all over the world, and winning a million people into God’s family. I know, I know. They’re enormous dreams that need an enormous God to make them happen. That’s okay. My God is bigger than my—and everyone else’s—doubts. .

I read recently that people who write down their dreams earn nine times as much over their lifetime as those who don’t. Wow. That made me skedaddle to find a pad and pen! So far, I’ve covered two full sheets of paper, and am still dreaming. Because I know where dreams come from. Or I should say, Who they come from.

God is a dreamer.  He dreamed of the universe before he spoke it into being. He dreamed of a plan whereby his children who had lost their way in the darkness of the world could become friends with him again. And he continues to dream of the abundant life he wants to give all his kids ( Jesus’ words in John 10: 10 and the Father’s promise in Jeremiah 29:11).
Jesus' dream for you

Will you let him dream through you? Will you dare to ask him to pour some of his outrageous hopes and plans and goals into your heart? His dreams for you are high and wide and deep. He is not a wimpy, wish-upon-a-star god. He has all the power in the universe at his disposal, to make his dreams reality in your life. Will you dare to ask him to fill your soul with desires that shock even you? Will you allow yourself to dream big, bigger than you ever have before?

What would you like to do, to be, to achieve, to create? What is so much bigger than you are that it must be a God-thing when it comes true? Don’t settle for wishing on a star when you can have the Milky Way. If you are a Child of Almighty God, dare to dream with him.
How big can you dream? God is bigger!
Because the thing about dreams is, they only come true if you dream them. And if you need a pen and paper, I have extra to share.
What is the biggest dream you've ever had come true? What are you still dreaming?


  1. Jeanette: I once thought I would spend my adult life in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. God had other plans, but I love being in the city of my birth. This must be where He wants me to be. When I was in junior high school, I thought I could style hair. But, I forgot that He made me uncoordinated. (I do well to style my own hair.) I have decided God knows what is best for me.

  2. One of my biggest dreams came true 36 years ago when I married my husband. He too is a Godly man, and I am so grateful for him. :) I've another dream that was long dormant, and lately the Lord's reminded me of it through a new adventure on which we're about to embark. In my mind it's a big dream, but in God's, it's not, but part of walking in what He's called us to do. Excited to see what lies ahead. Thanks for stirring those thoughts, Jen. You're right, God's plans for us aren't wimpy!

  3. Hi Jeanette! I think if you're singing opera, you are supposed to eat a lot. Seems like most opera singers are a tad overweight?
    Anyway, aren't we all glad you chose writing instead of singing opera!
    Writing down your dreams does help to focus on them, but I've never done that formally. I guess I have dreamed of inspiring many people in writing and speaking too. I hope that is fulfilled someday, but who knows? It will be fascinating to see how he works through us, won't it?

  4. Jeanette, my dream was always wanting to go to England. When I was in the US Air Force, I wrote down on my "dream sheet" for my first base was England. Guess where I went? England! So excited to be able to experience the life there for 2 years and meet the man of my dreams. Not rich, but, like you wrote, untouchable riches in our lives. I enjoy being a photographer and enjoy the outdoors. Dreamed of a gallery somewhere. Well, it is started in our living room that I got painted a few years ago. I enjoy sharing my photography with others through cards and framed gifts for weddings. Maybe one day devotions written by me in a book with photos. Women's ministry is in my heart as well but right now the time isn't right because of my schedule but maybe I can make it work soon. Thanks for helping us dream and yes, I'll write it down.
    God bless you, Becky L

  5. "I dreamed of marrying a wealthy man and owning a mansion with a swimming pool, so I could call my mean older brother and un-invite him over to swim."

    At least your heart was in the right place! ;-)

    Dream big or dream small, just dream.


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