Services Offered by Jeanette Levellie:

1. Jeanette is available for speaking and/or singing engagements. Programs range from twenty minutes to one hour in length. Her topics include, but are not limited to:

  • “God Loves Basket Cases!" How God can take your messiest moments and turns them into miracles.     

  • "How to have a Yummy Life" Using words that begin with "M" Jeanette shares secrets of a successful walk with the Lord in the midst of trials. 

  • • “Culture Shock.” The humorous story of culture shock I experienced when moving from the city to a rural area. How you can avoid spiritual culture shock.

    • “Finding a Friend: Yourself.” How to see yourself through God’s eyes and be your own best friend.

    • “From the Circus to the Palace.” Strive for the sweetness of God’s applause, not the fleeting praise of people.

    • “With Jesus in the Garden of Prayer.” Using flowers as examples of types of prayer, I encourage you to commune with God to grow strong in faith.

    • “God’s Got Talent.” Overcoming the misconception that God cannot use us if we aren’t perfect.

    • “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.” What lies do women fall prey to? How to use God’s Word to overcome them and live in victory.

    • “What’s in it For Me?” How the life of praise can minister to us as well as the Lord.

    • “Positive Praying for Your Posterity.” How to help your children succeed in life by interceding for them.

    • “Spur One Another on.” This cowgirl-themed program uses the acronym S.P.U.R. to encourage you to help fellow believers flourish in Jesus.

    • “Touching Lives.” If you think you’re in the wrong place, think again. God can use you to touch lives wherever you are right now.

    • “You Never Know vs. I Believe.” How we can know God’s will and walk in it. After hearing this message, you will never again say, “you never know!”

    • "The Secret Life of a Preacher's Wife." What's it really like behind those parsonage walls? Candid, comical musings that will surprise and delight you.

    Jeanette is also an approved Stonecroft Speaker, available to travel up to 50 miles for Stonecroft Women's Connection meetings. Her testimony message is entitled, "Stubborn Love," and centers on God's grace being deeper than any sin.

    2. Jeanette offers the following editing and proofreading services at reasonable fees:
    • Non-fiction and fiction books
    • Short stories
    • Articles
    • Poems
    • Book proposals
    • Speeches or presentations
    Email her at for more information.

    3. Jeanette can ghostwrite your non-fiction story or humor article. Email for more information.