Thursday, May 23, 2013

What about Mom?

A heart-share is good for the soul
May I get gutsy today, and share my heart with you? You know I'm going to anyway.

We are seeking wisdom from above regarding moving my Mom from California to Illinois, so she can be near us.

Since my brother died two years ago, I've become an only child. I don't like it. I feel like Mom is my sole responsibility, and if anything bad sould happen to her, it'd be my fault.

Of course there is always someone quick to say, "You SHOULD move your mom near you. She NEEDS you here, or she NEEDS  to be there. My Bible says those who don't care for their family are worse than INFIDELS." I try to ignore those types of comments. But I don't always succeed.

And what about Mom? She does not want to move to the midwest. She likes her church, her apartment, and her friends where she is.

Even though she's falling more often than before, and the day will soon come when she can't drive, I still don't want to force her to relocate to a strange town, a new home, and unfamiliar surroundings, just so I can assuage my sense of guilt over not doing my duty.

And, no, there are no assisted living apartments or retirement villas near her. She lives in a very remote area of No. California that makes our rural town of 9,000 look like a metroplis!

I'm not asking for your advice, just your prayers. I know many of you have older parents, and you've had to make tough decsions regarding them. So you know how we feel, and what kinds of challenges we're facing.

There. I feel so much better after telling you. I knew you'd understand. That's why I love you like I do. Thanks.