Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Unique Baby Shower Idea

In a recent baby shower invitation we received, 
the expectant couple had a unique idea: 
they asked for children’s books in lieu of baby cards. 

How cool is that—especially for book lovers like us! 

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I’m challenged to select
between a favorite from my own childhood,
Caps for Sale,

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or one of my kids’ favorites like
Where the Wild Things Are 

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Or I could support a writer friend,
Michelle Medlock Adams
by buying a copy of her
delightful book,
Counting Cows
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I also thought it would be fun 
to give a children’s picture Bible 
in a modern translation. 

What do you think of this unique idea for a baby shower?

What were some of your favorite books when you were a child? 

What book would you bring to this baby shower?