Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Favorite Christmas Movies

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie, one you never tire of watching? Ours is Silent Mouse, a made-for-TV movie from the 80's. Starring Lynn Redgrave as the narrator, Silent Mouse is the story of how the famous carol, Silent Night, was written, with a bit of literary license thrown in.

The main character is a mouse named Nonny. Her full name is A. Nonny Mouse. I love that!

Unfortunately, it's only available on VHS. We keep looking, hoping to find it on DVD. We've played our copy over 20 times--it's that delightful!

So. . . what about you? What's your favorite Christmas Movie? How many times have you viewed it?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Courage to Say, "I Like Myself."

It takes courage to say, "I like myself." Especially when we've sinned, hurt someone, or gone off our diet for the seventh time this week. And it's only Tuesday. 

  Can you relate to any of these:

  1.  I yell at my husband, even though I know it only makes things worse.
  2.  I don't pray as often as I think I should, or as long.
  3.  I get impatient with people even if they can't help their behaviors.
  4.  I let dishes sit in the sink and my bed stay unmade                                                                 5. I complain about everything from the music at church to politicians

Sometimes I think Will I ever grow up? When do I practice what I've been preaching to others for thirty years? I'm a mess.

At a writers conference, Cecil Murphey prayed a simple little prayer that I later jotted down and stuck on my fridge, "Loving God, show me the truth about myself, no matter how wonderful it may be." 


God sees the wonder of you and me, no matter how much junque is still there. That gives us the courage to continue to:
  • like ourselves in spite of our boatload of flaws,
  • bring our messiness to Him to fix,
  • love others, no matter how imperfectly.
God knew what we were like before He created us, sent Jesus to die for us, and called us to Himself. 

He is not overly concerned about our faults. He wants us to grow up, but it just doesn't ruin His day like we might think when we aren't mature yet.

Besides, if we were perfect, no one could stand to be around us. 

Will you ask Jesus to give you the courage to say with me, "I like myself"

Sunday, November 20, 2016

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

3 Reasons We Say "Yes" When We Need to Say "NO"

In the ladies Sunday school class I teach, one beautiful, gracious sister mentioned her habit of often saying "yes" when she really needed to say "no." ALL of us related. It got me to thinking: WHY do we--especially women, but sometimes men--say 'yes' when we know we need to say 'no,' even when 'no' is healthier for us in the long run? Here are three possible reasons:

We're afraid of hurting someone's feelings.  A lot of us grew up with "we can't hurt their feelings" quoted to us with the same importance as Scripture. We learned that keeping the peace was more important than doing the right thing, or the wise thing. So we say "yes" when we should say "no," and WE end up getting hurt.

Yes is easier than no. Very often, it's easier to say "yes," than to explain why we're saying "no." But if we are secure and confident, we can get to the place where we don't feel the need to explain or justify our every decision. If the person we're saying "no" to cannot accept it, that's not our fault. 

We like to please others. We want everyone to like us. We mistakenly think if we say "no" to people's requests, they will not be happy with us. But if they need us to agree with them all the time in order to be happy, they are not healthy. If they truly love us, they'll be okay with hearing "no" once in awhile. If we love ourselves, we'll be okay with saying "no."

NO is not a four-letter word. We don't have to be angry to say it. 
In fact, it sets us free to say "YES" when we really mean it. Try it on for size. Look in the mirror and say "NO" five times with feeling. I guarantee it will feel more comfortable with each time.

Is it hard for you to say "no"? 
Why do you suppose Jesus never had difficulty with saying "no"? 
Can you start right now to see "no" as a freeing word? 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Why You Gotta Love Redheads

Our youngest grand aughter, Grace, is a redhead, too!
Did you know that November 5 is Redhead Day? You just gotta love redheads. Why? Because we make everyone around us feel smart when we do ditzy stuff.  You may agree with me after you read this dumb thing I did at work a few years ago. 

One of the customers at the office supply store I used to manage is a lovely lady named Faye. She is deaf, but can read lips and communicates well. 

Faye stopped in one day to order a product we didn't keep in stock. When I called her place of business to let her know it was in, Ruthie answered. "May I please speak with Faye?" I said. 

"Noooo..." said Ruthie. "Did you forget that Faye is deaf?"

"Aha. Yes, I did." We yukked it up until you could hear us laughing in Heaven, but I was SO glad I wasn't on Skype. Ruthie would have seen me put my head under the desk. Or at least on the desk. 

The moral of this story is: You can lead a redhead to a phone, but you can't make her think. But you still gotta love us, because we make doing ditzy things look so cute!

Do you have any redheads in your family?