Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Win My Newest--and Probably Last--Book!

I Never Planned This

When I wrote Touchable God: Finding the Lord's Friendship Through Prayer, I never planned it to be my last book. And who knows? God may nudge me to write another. He loves to surprise us, doesn't He?

               This week I'm giving away a signed copy of Touchable God to one blessed winner. Here is a short description:

“Every Christian longs for an intimate walk with the Lord, talking openly with their Heavenly Father and hearing from Him. Touchable God addresses this longing, helping you find a joy-filled relationship with the Lord instead of a joyless religion. 

"In Section I Jeanette shares stories from her own journey in prayer. Written in her warm and casual style, these candid glimpses into Jeanette's tests and trials will help you believe the Lord's willingness to be involved in every area of your life. 

"Section II consists of Jeanette's bold, often poetic prayers for friends in crisis. You need answers, and the Scripturally-based prayers will help you approach God's throne to find them. Touchable God gives caring friends, family members, and ministry leaders specific prayers for others' needs and guides you in praying for yourself during crises.”

Your cup of tea?

If this book sounds like your cup of tea, or you know someone who you think will benefit from  Touchable God, please leave a comment--anything about prayer, books, or friends--at the end of this post along with your email address. 

I will choose a winner on Sunday, Sept. 4 and post his or her name here on Tuesday, Sept. 6.   

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Go Ahead and Cry: Five Ways Weeping Helps Us Stay Healthy

Go Ahead and Cry

In “The Health Benefit of Tears,” a recent Psychology Today article, Dr. Judith Orloff, lists these five ways weeping helps us stay healthy:

   1.      Lubricates eyes, removing irritants
   2.      Reduces stress hormones
   3.      Slows heart and breathing rate
   4.      Stimulates production of endorphins, the body’s natural pain-killer and “feel    good” hormone
   5.      Allows negative emotions like grief and depression a chance to release, so        they don’t cause sickness—either emotional or physical

"You Have Blessed My Carpet with Your Tears"

Dr. Orloff believes that “for both men and women, tears are a sign of courage, strength, and authenticity. She relates a story about a patient apologizing to her after laying on her office floor and crying. Dr. Orloff told the client, “Your tears blessed my carpet,” and reassured them that no apology was needed.

So, go ahead and cry. Not only will you feel better afterwards, you’ll be healthier.

What makes you cry either happy or sad tears? 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How to Hear from God

Lovely friends Jean Wise, James Watkins, and Dee Stark
at the Taylor University Professional Writers Conference August 2016

When I returned from a writers conference, I bubbled with excitement as I told my friend, Loretta about my experience there. My words splashed out, filling the front seat of her car as we travelled to lunch and I shared with her my commitment to write for an hour a day. 
“I am thrilled for you,” Loretta said, “But I feel strongly that you’re to do something more than writing each day.”  A holy quiet embraced me. My heart picked up its beat. Because she chose each word carefully, I sensed the Holy Spirit was about to speak through Loretta. God usually tiptoes in when He has something significant to say. He rarely hollers and waves His arms. I shut up and listened.

“In order to write well, Jeanette, you need to spend time simply sitting still. Part of your ministry of communicating God’s love to people will be in those moments you are listening. You can’t hear from God unless you are quiet.”


I knew the Lord was not chiding me for talking too much. He was simply telling me to listen more. I already know everything I know. If I want to take His message of hope to sagging hearts, I must be still with Him long enough to fill my own sagging heart.

I know it was God who spoke through Loretta. Yet, practicing what He preached has not been easy. I was born talking, working, and trying to motivate others. How can I change from a ‘human doing’ to a ‘human being’?

The same way I was born again. By His potent, loving grace.

Do you have a Loretta in your life, someone who speaks the wisdom of God into your thirsty soul? If so, give him or her a hug or a chocolate bar.      

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Can We Really Touch God?

In anticipation of the release of my fourth book, Touchable God: Finding Friendship with God Through Prayer, I’d like to share a few quotes from the book that I believe help answer the question, “Can We Really Touch God?”

“God is a person who wants a relationship with me even more than I want to know Him. He doesn’t care what position I’m in when I pray, as long as I let Him in on my life so He can help me live it. I’ve found I can’t do life alone. “

“He loves to jump out when we least expect Him and turn impossible situations around. He loves to change stubborn hearts, heal incurable cases, rescue people from prison, restore what’s broken, and fix the worst problems imaginable. The bigger the mess, the more fun He has surprising you when He steps in and unscrambles it. His resources are unlimited, and His ideas are the cleverest.”

We came into God’s family completely helpless. We became His  child by admitting we were powerless over the sin in our lives, acknowledging that only He could cleanse us. Then we humbled ourselves, asking Him to remake us and fill us with His goodness. What craziness makes us think that after He saved us, He expects us to travel through life by our own wits?”

I hope these few excerpts whet your appetite for more of Touchable God, and that you consider purchasing a copy on Lulu

 or Amazon. Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Three fun facts about Jesus

Occasionally I will do what my husband calls a “Bible dash” and read through the New Testament in as few days as possible. Last month I did that and discovered three fun facts about Jesus I think are significant.

     1.     Jesus is generous. 
            When Jesus multiplied a few little biscuits and fish from a young boy’s sack lunch to feed a multitude of  thousands, there were baskets of leftovers. And not just Red Riding Hood-sized baskets—these were enormous baskets!
            When Jesus told Peter to go catch a fish to pay his taxes, there was a coin in the fish’s mouth that equaled enough money to pay both Peter’s and Jesus’ taxes.

                  2. Jesus values children.

                        He tells us to become like them, not to look down on them, that the Father wants none of 
them to perish, and that we’re not to hinder them 
from coming to Him.
                       He stuck up for the children who 
praised him in the temple and defended the moms 
who brought their children to him to be blessed, rebuking his disciples when they tried to prevent the kids from coming to Jesus.

3.   Jesus can prevent tragedy but sometimes he chooses to wait, so he can do a miracle. 
                             In the cases of Jairus’ daughter and Lazarus, Jesus could have  easily healed either one. Instead, he delayed and they died. Later on, he resurrected them. Sometimes a dream, a situation or a relationship in our lives seems dead. We wonder why Jesus doesn’t just step in an fix it. Why does he delay? Perhaps he waits, knowing that he wants to fully resurrect it, so we’ll see how much he loves us.

            I hope you’ll try a Bible dash sometime. I always find new insights I’d not seen before, and it’s fun to get an overall view of the whole Bible or the New Testament.