Tuesday, October 20, 2020

How to Trust in Little Matters

I had a meltdown when my new kitten wailed over a sore paw, thinking I may have to take him to the vet on the same weekend we're returning our granddaughter home--a ten hour drive each way.

I panicked when my beloved laptop had a loading glitch and I thought I couldn't check emails, blog, or go on Facebook.

What embarrassed me was the realization that I wigged out and worried more over a computer and a kitten than I had when I'd needed a sonogram ten years ago to determine if I had breast cancer. So what is up with that?

My husband shot it home when he said, "It's easier to trust God for the huge life and death matters than the little things we think we can handle on our own." Aha.
Truth is, we can't handle anything on our own. And if we think we can, it may take a computer bust or a bee-sting on a cat's paw to show us how frail and dependent we are. The good thing is, God never loses patience with us. He's always there to help.

He gave us the perfect idea to fix our computer problem; my kitten is recovering; I don't have cancer. But the important issue is none of the above. It's learning to trust Him, for little and big things. He's God. I'm not.

Are little or big issues niggling you today? Please let me pray for you:

"Lord of all mercy and God of grace, speak to my friend's heart Your words of calm and wisdom. Point them in the direction of your embrace. May they stay there until they see how big You are, and how small their problems are compared to Your love and faithfulness. Help us all to trust you, even in the little things. In Jesus' Name, so be it."

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

3 Things I Will Never Say

Because I believe that “Life and death are in the power of the tongue (Prov. 18:21),” there are 3 things I will never, ever, ever say:

"I must be getting Alzheimer’s." I cringe every time I hear people jokingly say this. It’s not a funny disease. You may have forgotten where you put your car keys for the tenth time this week, but that does not mean you are going senile. Instead say, “Lord, help me! Bless my brain and help it retain!”

"I hate you (or them)." Hate is a powerful, deadly emotion. It means you wish that person were dead. No matter what another has done to upset or wrong me, even if I think the world would be better if they left the planet, I refuse to say these spiteful words. They are like poison that will corrode my heart and make me bitter.

"It’s hopeless." In the past, I spoke these words over a situation I saw no way out of, and God made a way. Shows you how smart I am! He has ways and means up His sleeve that all of us put together could not fathom. He is good, His plans are good, and He knew this was going to happen before we did. He’s already planning our rescue, and it’s probably something we never imagined. We can trust Him and His heart of gold. He is on our side.

Life. Or Death. We get to choose by what we say. I choose life. 

I believe you do, too. 


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Too Busy? Here's a Prayer Meant for YOU

    A Prayer for When You Are Too Busy

Lord, my friend is choking on responsibilities. She is trying to do too much, to be all things to all people. I know this is not Your plan for her.
Because she loves people and fears disappointing them, she says yes more than she says no. Her schedule is crammed to bursting. Because she accomplishes tasks with excellence, she’s a magnet to people who need things done.
And all this responsibility is causing her light to dim.
She was once so bright and eager to spend time with You, study Your life, tell others about Your love. Then she started working for You. And working. And working. The Devil knew he couldn’t tempt her with robbing jewelry stores or murdering her neighbors, so he dangled the fruit of the business of the Lord in front of her. He convinced her that to be a worthy Christian, she had to stay busy, and that to say no was unholy.
Silence his lies to her, Lord. Woo her back to the place of rest and sweet contentment in Your presence, where the beam of Your smile is enough. Return the light to her eyes and the spring to her step.
Please help her find the balance You lived in when You walked on earth. You knew when to say “Okay, I’ll do that,” and when to say “Not interested,” without worrying what others might think of You. You were secure in the Father’s plan for You, not needing to please others in order to feel that Your light was bright enough.
Teach my friend Your ways, dear Lord. She doesn’t want to burn out; she wants to sparkle and blaze with Your life, to do only those things You’ve called her to do. Then, when You come to take her home, she’ll shine in heaven with You.
In Jesus’ name, so be it.

References to Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11, John 6:38

The above is an excerpt from my fourth book, Touchable God: Finding the Lord's Friendship Through Prayer. It is a combination of personal stories about my prayer journey with Jesus and prayers for friends in crisis. It would make an excellent gift for someone you are praying for!

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Need Encouragement and A Few Laughs? Join us on Keeping It Real podcast with Lisa Buske

One Sister’s Journey Keeping It Real Podcast Interview

  • Need some encouragement?
  • Would you like to hear me stumble over my words?
  • How about hearing some great wisdom from Jeanette?
  • Isn’t it about time for a good laugh along with some friends enjoying time together?

Check out Beth's and my interview with our writer/podcaster friend, Lisa Buske.


Check out Lisa’s blog by clicking on the link below.


Thank you so much, Lisa, for the interview. I needed those few minutes of laughter, encouragement and connection with a fellow writer and good friend.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Yes, You Can has arrived & a fun prize drawing for you!

Finally! Yes, You Can
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