Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Colors Tell about Our Hearts

   I have a thing for colors. You too? I love color combinations in fabric for clothing and upholstery, in jewelry, and in nature. I even have a favorite color of cats! I believe the colors we are drawn to tell about what's in our hearts. 

   As a writer, I enjoy finding new ways to use color:

  • Scarlet heat creeping up my neck
  • Mauve and rose washing across the horizon
  • The blackness of a bitter memory

If you write, how do you use color to enhance your scenes? If you don't write, how does color enrich your life? What are your favorite colors?

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Is There Only One Way to Spell "Love"?

How do you spell "love"? Is there only one way?
When I write an email to a close friend or my husband, I sign it "Love, Jen"

Sometimes I spell "love" wrong, like "LOve" or "lvoe."

But I've never had any of my friends or my husband point that out.

They simply accept my imperfect love, and love me back.

Just like Jesus does with all of us. 

Don't think your love for God has to be perfect--praying an hour or two a day, reading your Bible for twenty minutes non-stop, and telling every sinner you meet the plan of salvation--before He will love you back.

He loved us first, knowing our love would never be perfect while we live on this earth.

It helps if we simply say, "I accept Your love, Father, and I love you back." 

Have you accepted God's love? If so, how has it changed you?

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Words We All Need to Hear

During a very down time emotionally, when my kids were little and I felt anything but valuable and lovable, the Lord gave me this song during a time of worship. I think it's a message we all need to hear: 

You love me just as I am, Lord

You love me just as I am, Lord
You see deep inside me and look past my faults
And you love me just as I am.

You need me just as I am, Lord
You need me just as I am, Lord
My value to You can’t be measured by man
And you need me just as I am.

You use me just as I am, Lord
You use me just as I am, Lord
You filled me with your Holy Spirit and power
And you use me just as I am.

Everyone needs to hear the words “I love you” on a regular basis. Not “I love you because…” or, “I’ll love you if…” but just plain “I love you.” Every person is made in God’s image, and therefore everyone is valuable, capable and lovable. So, I’d like to tell you:

I love you just as you are,
I love you just as you are,
Because Jesus loves me just as I am,
I love you just as you are.

© Jeanette E. Levellie

Have a blessed day, you lovable, precious person, you!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Three Reasons Why Late Consumers Have More Fun

          We bought our first gps only two years ago. And I’m not embarrassed that we were the last ones in the Northern Hemisphere to purchase one of these handy gizmos.

           My husband and I are what marketers call late consumers,” because we wait until a product has been on the market for years and most of our friends have one before we make a purchase. This gives us several edges over the “first consumers,” who buy a new gadget when it first comes out:

            1.  The price has gone down considerably than when it first came out. Saving money is fun!

2.      Designers have worked out many of the kinks and quirks by now, so the invention has improved. A new and improved product is more fun!

3.      We can find out from those who've used it what the best brand is, where to buy it, and if there are any models to avoid. Making friends feel needed is fun!

In case you think I’m all about fun. . . you are right. That’s why I plan to program our gps with a 
British accent and name it “James” or “Winston.”

Are you a first consumer, a late consumer, or someone in between? What is the latest new gizmo you’ve purchased? 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

How to Talk to Your Pets

 If you have pets, you know how fun and enlightening a  conversation with them can be.
     My twenty-pound, orange and white cat, Rocky (shown above hugging his buddy, Pokey)clambers onto  the  love seat while I’m reading. His nose nudges my hand.  “Meowrrr?” he says.
     “What’s that, Rocky?”
     “Meowrrr?” he says again. He probably thinks I should have listened the first time, and then he wouldn’t need to repeat himself.
I force my gaze from the book to scratch his head. His amber eyes glisten with joy. I once read in a mini-paperback while waiting at the checkout counter that cats hear high tones better than low ones.
I want to make sure Rocky knows I care, so I raise my voice three notches.  “What’s goin’ on today?” I squeak.
“Meow,” he says, closing his eyes. Is he disgusted at my Minnie Mouse talk, or in kitty heaven?
Just to make sure, I switch to baby talk. “Tell me all about it, Rocks. I know you understand these things.”  
He purrs, and arches his back. Good—it’s kitty heaven. “Meow,” he answers.
“That’s wonderful,” I chirp, “I’m so glad to hear it.” I return to my book, still petting him in an absent-minded fashion. “You are so wise. You amaze me every time we talk. 
Dog owners tell me that words are unnecessary—their canine pets can read moods and communicate with their eyes and body language. The owner of a pot-bellied pig used in therapy claims the little porker can help patients overcome depression. The day of my brother’s funeral, my uncle’s talking macaw gave me a huge release from my grief by making me laugh.
I might one day consider owning these other types of pets. But I’d hate to lose that unique ability to communicate with my cats in their own language.

The above slightly-exaggerated story is an excerpt from my book, The Heart of Humor: Sixty Helpings of Hilarity to Nourish Your Soul.  

Do you have pets? How do you talk to them?