Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I Repent!

When people tell me:

  • they are sad about,
  • they wonder why, and
  • they refuse to accept 

my comment that Touchable God might be my last book,

I want to do something drastic. So . . .

I repent!

Yes, we've had a hard year in our family, my faith has been tested to its breaking point and I don't feel like I have another book in me. But I'm still young, right? And I want to give God a vote. So I will say that if the Lord wills and if he gives me ideas, I will write and publish books until Jesus returns to get us out of here.

Speaking of Touchable God, the winner of an autographed copy from last week's contest is Diannah! Congratulations, Diannah. I hope you enjoy this peek into my prayer life and the prayers for friends in crisis.

Have you had to repent lately? Did you feel better afterwards?