Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Are You a Clutterbug? Here's Help!

cartoon copyright Ron Levellie

Taking care of clutter is a huge time thief. If you’re a clutter-bug who needs help de-junking your environment so you can spend more time enjoying life, try these three steps:
  1. Enlist help from a trusted but objective friend who isn’t as attached to your collection of hair bows from elementary school or scratched Elvis records. Spend a day together de-junking everything that fits into these categories:
    • It is the wrong style or shape for your body (be realistic and brutal);
    • it will cost more to fix it than it’s worth;
    • it takes up more space and time than the joy it gives you.
  2. Give, give, give to charities, homeless shelters, and thrift stores. Just don’t give it to relatives who are likely to give it back to you, or a second-hand store you frequently shop at.
  3. Reward yourself after each room, drawer, or box you’ve cleaned out. But not with more stuff! Read a chapter from a novel, look at cute kitten videos on YouTube, or watch a movie. Then revel in how much time you are freeing to engage in activities you love!