Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Why I Hate the Stupid Saying "It Is What it is"

Stupid saying 1. It Is What It Is
      Our lawn is tickling our nose, we need an undertaker for our marriage, and our checkbook hasn’t balanced since Reagan was president. But this stupid saying gives us the perfect excuse to leave things alone, and be as lazy as we please.  We should be saying, "What can we do to make things better?" and praying for wisdom.
Stupid Saying 2. Good Luck
         If someone says this to me, I politely respond, “thank you.” But under my breath, I counter it with, “I don’t need luck. I have God on my side. He will protect me, help me, and give me wisdom.”  I don’t do luck. I do faith in a God who has promised never to leave me alone.

Stupid Saying 3. It’s All Good
     Oh, really? Are the people who say this blind, deaf, or both? If we’re at Baskin Robbins, Wilbur Chocolate Factory, or Starbucks and you say this, okay. Otherwise, nothing is ALL good except Jesus and Heaven, and we’re not there yet.  

You didn’t know I was this sarcastic, hmmm?   
Do any popular sayings irritate you?


  1. Jeanette: I have a problem with the hollow sounding, "Have a good day!" The first time I noticed how it sounded what the days between my grandpa's passing and his funeral. Those young people working behind the cash registers have not lived long enough to experience what constitutes a good day. When I can, I tell those people to have a blessed day or "Lord bless you." When I worked in a library we could not say anything that "offended" the patrons. So, all we could say was those four words. At Christmas, we could respond to someone wishing us, "Merry Christmas" but we couldn't say it first.

  2. Well, I kind of figured you could be sarcastic if you wanted to :) But I understand your frustration with people uttering empty words. I believe words have power, even if not spoken intentionally. So, if we say 'bless you' we are actually really blessing that person. But then again... I prefer thinking before talking.

  3. Somehow I knew you might be able to pull off the sarcasm thing. Maybe because I can be rather sarcastic too, we can spot one another from a distance. lol Have a happy weekend!

  4. I understand ya! Good luck? Where's that in the Bible...I've asked my Christian friends? They look at me a bit bewildered then agree I'm correct. God's got our protection and gears our prayers. Good thoughts, Jeanette! Blessings to you!

    1. Heard our prayers. There's that 🚗 correct again!😉

  5. Hi Jeanette! I think the saying I balk at is "I guess there must be a reason." You know, there probably is, but for people who are hurting, this is such an inadequate response. We need to be hugged, to be listened to, not to be given some non-specific line meant to push the conversation away.


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