Tuesday, February 26, 2019

3 Methods to Overcome Procrastination

When tasks like shining my perfume bottle lids and alphabetizing my spices seem urgent, I know I’m procrastinating. The jobs that make me say “Ugggh!” need to be done. So I trick myself into working on them by these methods to overcome procrastination:

·         Only Fifteen. I say, “I’ll fold laundry (clean the bathrooms, answer emails, change the cat litter) for fifteen minutes. Then I’ll quit if I want to.” After fifteen minutes, the voice of procrastination quiets down and I’m motivated to finish the job.

·         Baby Steps. I break the chore down into baby steps. I think, “If I write one page of this boring report each day for five days, I’ll finish by the deadline.” That tactic keeps me from being overwhelmed with the enormity of the job, and I’m more likely to start working.

·         Promises, Promises. I promise myself a reward when the task is finished. Reading a chapter of a novel, playing on social media, or a piece of chocolate usually motivates me to at least begin a dreaded job.

Even though I realize I’m using self-psychology (is that even a thing?), these methods work for me. The only danger I can foresee is that I’ll someday procrastinate on purpose to get a chocolate kiss in the end. 

What methods have you found helpful in overcoming procrastination?

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  1. Sometimes, I convince myself that the task has to be done.


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