Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Is There Only One Way to Spell "Love"?

How do you spell "love"? Is there only one way?

When I write an email to a close friend or my husband, I sign it "Love, Jen"

Sometimes I spell "love" wrong, like "LOve" or "lvoe."

But I've never had any of my friends or my husband point that out.

They simply accept my imperfect love, and love me back.

Just like Jesus does with all of us. 

Don't think your love for God has to be perfect--praying an hour or two a day, reading your Bible for twenty minutes non-stop, and telling every sinner you meet the plan of salvation--before He will love you back.

He loved us first, knowing our love would never be perfect while we live on this earth.

It helps if we simply say, "I accept Your love, Father, and I love you back." 

Have you accepted God's love? If so, how has it changed you?


  1. I once visited a professional man whom my father and I had business with. This time, I went by myself. After our business was over, he said,"You know, you are so different from your dad. I don't understand it." All I could tell him was that I had made some choices. I didn't think he wanted to hear about Jesus and how He changes hearts. I thought that would have been casting pearls before swine.

  2. Hi Jeanette, great post. I am so grateful that God's love is not reliant on my being perfect. Because I am so so far from that.
    God bless


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