Tuesday, October 20, 2020

How to Trust in Little Matters

I had a meltdown when my new kitten wailed over a sore paw, thinking I may have to take him to the vet on the same weekend we're returning our granddaughter home--a ten hour drive each way.

I panicked when my beloved laptop had a loading glitch and I thought I couldn't check emails, blog, or go on Facebook.

What embarrassed me was the realization that I wigged out and worried more over a computer and a kitten than I had when I'd needed a sonogram ten years ago to determine if I had breast cancer. So what is up with that?

My husband shot it home when he said, "It's easier to trust God for the huge life and death matters than the little things we think we can handle on our own." Aha.
Truth is, we can't handle anything on our own. And if we think we can, it may take a computer bust or a bee-sting on a cat's paw to show us how frail and dependent we are. The good thing is, God never loses patience with us. He's always there to help.

He gave us the perfect idea to fix our computer problem; my kitten is recovering; I don't have cancer. But the important issue is none of the above. It's learning to trust Him, for little and big things. He's God. I'm not.

Are little or big issues niggling you today? Please let me pray for you:

"Lord of all mercy and God of grace, speak to my friend's heart Your words of calm and wisdom. Point them in the direction of your embrace. May they stay there until they see how big You are, and how small their problems are compared to Your love and faithfulness. Help us all to trust you, even in the little things. In Jesus' Name, so be it."


  1. That is quite an interesting perspective Jeanette, we worry more over small stuff and less over big stuff which we are happy to hand over to God.

    1. You're right, Marja! I wonder why that is. Perhaps with the big stuff, we realize how helpless we are.


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