Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Why Trust God?

This is my Mom. 
She's in a nursing home now. 

I prayed countless times that Mom would
NEVER need to be in a nursing home.
But they take excellent care of her.
She even got the opportunity to
hatch a butterfly!

God always knows what's best. 
We can trust His love. 

What do you need to trust God with today?


  1. He knows best, for sure. Still, we also prayed for my mother-in-law to live out her life in her own home... and she did. So, I have no idea how that works. Your mom looks happy though :)

    1. That's marvelous, Marja. I have no idea either. But God is so wise, I will trust his judgment.

  2. I trust that God will have a rental car waiting for us when were go on our vacation in a few weeks. Already reserved but now people who have reserved cars don't get want they wanted or none available. Hard stories to hear but I am sure people do get the cars the reserved.
    I am glad your mom found goodness of a butterfly in her hands. Sh looks happy. My mom lived in a nursing home for 6 years as we weren't able to have her here and mostly well taken care of. Way too many things to get taken care of for her to move here and I'd have to quit working to take care of her. Have a blessed week~~Becky

    1. I will pray you get a car! Thanks for commenting, Jen

  3. Our God is an awesome God and so much wiser that either of us. Love this post!


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