Friday, April 17, 2009

More Cool Links for Writers

Holley Gerth from Dayspring Cards has a wonderfully uplifting blog. She has just published her first book, "Rain on Me." I have copies on order, and can't wait to read it!

Another cheerleader is Jim Watkins, an award-winning author and editor who is as helpful as a roomful of Hershy bars. He shares oodles of great advice for writers.

Kindred Heart Writers has a book giveaway every month, as well as nourishing articles. One of my mentors and a loving Christian writer, Clella Camp, is on their team.

May the Holy Spirit surprise you by your anointed words as you write for Him, your audience of One!

Happy Weekend,


  1. Hi Jeanette,
    Just wanted to pop over to your blog and say hi! I noticed your face on several blogs. I also noticed that you are possibly attending the Writer's Conference at Wheaton in June. I'm talking about writer's conferences this week on my blog. I'd love for you to stop by and give your two cents!

  2. Thanks Jeanette for mentioning Kindred Hearts. And you are too kind to mention me as a mentor. The good part is when the student outgrows the teacher and I feel that is what has happened. See you in May. Walking with Him Clella

  3. Jen, the dates are wrong on your posts! LOL Are you trying to schedule them and they're posting early?

  4. As one of the kindred heart writers, Thank you for mentioning our blog. I attended the Write to Publish conference several times (though I can't this year) and it is very good. well worth the time and money to go. It is on my list to do again another year. Again thanks for the mention and keep up the writing
    Jeanie Wise

  5. Thanks to you all!
    Clella: i will never outgrow you, girl! Not that I have you on a pedestal, but I'll always need your wise and kind input!
    Jess: Yes, what did i do wrong? Help!
    Jean: thanks for the encouragement. I'm a lot overwhelmed!

  6. Hey Jen,
    When you go to post the comment, are you checking the post options? Click on post options and it will let you set the day and time. If you don't set it, then it goes to when you do the post but sometimes it'll have a weird day/time and will post then. After you hit published, the post should have the word scheduled next to it on your list of posts.
    I hope this helps. :-)


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