Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brick by Brick: Building your Writing Career

From my prayer journal this week:

“Why are you sad today?”

Not sad but tired, Lord, and wishing I could stay home and write, rather than going out to work. It’s just so hard working full time and trying to build a writing career.”

“Don’t’ try to do it overnight. Slow and steady or fast and fragile. You could also say slow and strong. Your career will grow strong if you place one brick upon another, binding them in place with the mortar of my Word an fellowship with Me. If you try to throw together a career by slapping the bricks and beams up in a day or a week, it will fall when storms comes And, they will come.

“Build it one brick at a time and it will stand, not fall, because it will be founded on My Word and Sprit not men’s approval and favor.”


  1. What great encouragement! Thank you Jeanette! My writing career seems to be rushing forward at top speed all of a sudden, so I appreciate that voice of the Lord telling me to take a deep breath and let him guide me!

  2. Jody:
    We are all happy for your writing career speeding forward, dear one.

    I am sure there were many, many bricks laid in place before this time.

    Blessings on you as you move forward!

  3. Great advice Jen! A good reminder for me to take a deep breath, trust God and do my best. I have a tendency of rushing through things very fast. :-)

  4. So appropriate, Jen! We all need to be reminded of this, even those of us who are blessed with a little more time to write. It's all in His timing.

  5. Jessie:
    I do that same thing! I want everything yesterday!!!
    You keep at it girl; you are doing great!
    Love jen

    Thanks for reminding me of God's timing. He is so good, even when we run ahead of Him, huh?
    Love, Jen

  6. I so needed to hear that today! Thank you! One brick, one day, one step at a time.

  7. Dear Sherrinda:
    I hope you know I preach what i most need to hear or in this case, I guess the Lord was preaching to me, and you just got to peek at our conversation!
    I so often journal to Him about my writing, since it's a huge part of my life, and i want it to be about doing His will, not just following my dream. I know you feel the same, and everyone who blogs together among us.


  8. But the "bricks" are heavy Lord!


  9. Dear Larie:
    You weren't meant to carry them, love.
    Hand 'em over to the Strong and mighty One with muscles!
    I will pray for you,

  10. I like this. I tend to rush into everything and am learning to pace myself and be satisfied with the now. Thank you for visiting my blog the other day!


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