Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From My Prayer Journal

Dear Father: I love you more than life. I worship you, as only you are worthy. I don’t want the essence of my life to be about writing, I don’t want to be swallowed up in this gift- I want my focus to be on You—the giver and Lord of the gift. Must I drown in this calling? Must I be in the belly of a whale called “The Writing Life?” Somehow I don’t think that is Your will. Even Jesus was not all about one thing. He taught, he healed, He did miracles. But He also rested and celebrated.

“Jesus was not driven. He was led. If you’re driven, there is a furious fire that is never quenched, growing larger and hotter and more dangerous. If you’re led, you are always listening for My voice, and your heart is open to changes I may make in your agenda. There is no panic or force. If you are aggressive, it is not because you fear—it’s because I’m leading you to be bold. If you are quiet and restful it’s not from laziness, but My hand of peace upon you.

You can be like Jesus if you are willing to follow and not insist on “leading your own life.” Leading is my job. I know how.

Teach me how to follow, dear Lord. Give me a heart to obey, in Jesus' Name.


  1. Good morning Jeanette! I printed out your last post, now I think I'm going to have to print this one too! I do consider myself a "driven" type of personality. I'm determined and passionate about the things I love, and writing is one of those things. I know God gave me this personality, and he loves this about me. But I don't want the "furious fire" to consume me and grow larger and more dangerous! I truly want to be led by him! Thank you for your wise prayer, Jeanette. Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Great post! Led, not driven. I like that a lot. I hope I'll be that way.

  3. I like that, too.

    I'm constantly listening, trying to be led. :)

  4. Oh, thanks so much for this, Jeanette! Being led, not driven really strikes me as something to cling to and obey. Thanks!

  5. Dear Jody:
    You are so sweet; an encourager through and through! Yes, passion and determination are good things, and we need them to win in life.
    It's the balancing act I am striving to acheive!
    Love, Jen

    Jessica: Thank you for your kindness, always. From what i've observed on your blog, you are being led. Not pushy, but running after God and your dreams. I commend you!
    Love, Jen

    Listening is so essential, isn't it? I will always be learning that one. I came out of the womb voicing my opinion!
    Thanks for your comment, and following. May we bless each other on our journey to God and publication.
    Love, Jen

  6. Dear Eileen:
    Thanks for your uplifting words! You are an example to all of us in the area of patience and perseverance.
    May Jesus favor you as you follow Him.
    Love, Jen

  7. I love the prayer. It is so easy to get caught up in the process of writing because of the passion and joy, as well as other aspects in my life. I have been guilty of taking over and have had to stop myself, stepback and apologize to God for taking over once again and once again turn everything over to Him so he can lead me where he will.

  8. Oh, Amy, me too! I must do this again and again. I think every serious writer is committed to their gift and their goals.
    I just need to remind myself that it's not my gift, but His, and i'm only the co-pilot.


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