Friday, May 15, 2009

May I Pray for You?

Sometimes I have the worst Pity Party on the block. When that happens, I need to take my eyes off my little bitty self and what someone did or said to ruffle my feathers, and put them on others. I pick you. Because I appreciate and care for you. And, we're in this boat together.

Rather than this blog being simply a way to encourage each other on our writing journeys and laugh a little, I’d like to bring you before the Father. What can I pray for for you?

Please tell me something big or small, that you’re asking the Father to do for you, and I’ll agree. If you’d rather not post it, see my profile for my email, and tell me that way.

Thanks for helping crash my party! It should be over soon…


  1. Hmmmm, I could use some patience with the kiddos.
    Also, I need to get started on my wip, so maybe some self-discipline?
    Thanks Jen! I'll say a prayer for you too. :-)

  2. Would you pray not for me, but for my friend's little girl? Her name is Lexie and she has an infection that is causing a disorder called PANDAS. I'm praying the anitbiotics work quickly and for comfort for the parents during this time.
    I'll lift you up to! :)

  3. First, I'm going to pray for a huge pick-me-up to arrive just for you, Jeanette!

    And for me, I'd love prayers for travelling mercies this weekend and awesome family bonding time at the wedding events.

    I'm praying for you, friend.

  4. Jessie: Yes, I will pray for patience for you with your wee ones, and wisdom managing them.

    What is the title of your WIP? I will ask that you have a ton of ideas, and motivation to get them down.
    Love, Jen

    Jennifer: May the Lord of grace and goodness heal Lexie today, and comfort her parents. I am praying. God is good.
    Love, Jen
    P.S. What a loving friend you are to ask for her!

    Eileen: Wow, thanks! I appreciate that. I did have a great pick me up when i sold two articles this week, and got an opportunity to submit to Focus on the Family magazine, but I'll take another anyway!
    Mostly I am concerned for my parents, with Mom moving and Dad still fighting pneumonia. Thanks so much!
    Got you covered on the wedding and traveling mercies. May this be a wonderful, awesome, peaceful day for your family! May your cookies be a huge hit!
    I think you should have a blog contest and give some of your cookies as a prize!
    Love, Jen

  5. Hi Jen it's me again. I sent you an email. But I don't mind publicly asking for prayer regarding my emergency-ish hysterectomy. I'm still in shock because I feel way to young and unprepared and frightened and you name it I'm feeling it. *sigh* also if you could pray the surgery date(which will be set monday) would be Very soon... I'm so miserable. AAAHH Help ;)
    Honestly I wish I could 911 call God himself sometimes. I guess that's what prayer is.

  6. Oh T. Anne, i wish i could take your place, so you didn't have to go through this!!

    Whenever i want to panic, the Psalms help, and Praise music.

    We will pray for you, that the weekend goes quickly, and the surgery is successful, and that God hold you tightly, so you won't fear.
    Email anytime!

    Love ya, Jen

  7. Jen, what a blessing you are! Thank you.


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