Monday, May 4, 2009

What? Not Twittering?

Five Reasons I Don’t Twitter

1. I work a full time job, am a pastor’s wife, and am writing two books. I have a very sick dad in the hospital, and am on the phone to my mom in California every day. Letting people know what I ate for lunch or how many words my WIP is up to, would take time away from all of the above.

2. I know “they” say you need to be on as many social networks as possible to get your name out there, to build a platform, so when you pitch your book idea, your name will be recognized. “They” are not the Holy Spirit. God is able to open doors no man can shut, and He is able to do it without me spending time on trivia. I am not afraid of what “they” say, but I am concerned that when I waste time, I will never get it back again.

3. I rarely clean my house. If I tweeted ten times a day, I would feel even more guilty about not taking care of the lovely home God has given me. I need less guilt, not more.

4. No one is truly interested in how many tulips bloomed in my garden, or who I met at the gym this morning. I refuse to kid myself--- I’m not THAT important.

5. I see twittering as a distraction from real LIFE. This is one more way the enemy has of keeping us from spending time with our Lord and our families. He knows if he can’t make us bad, the next best thing to take over our lives is to make us busy.


  1. Great points, Jeannette! I haven't started twittering either. I just started on Facebook (my blog post for today). But I'm still pretty clueless about the whole thing! As you mentioned, we're urged to do more social networking, but I'm not sure how Facebook will help with that? I'm yet to be convinced! And I know even less about Twitter! But, you're right, I can't imagine how it will help me for the world to know what I'm eating or doing at moments throughout the day. Thanks for your thought-provoking post!

    Hope you had a great weekend with your writer's group! Have a blessed day!

  2. LOL Jen! You crack me up.
    I'm not going to twitter either. I don't have time to read tidbits about every second of someone's day, let alone post about mine. Though I do think some of the stuff my kids do would be pretty funny. LOL
    I think the important thing about networking is to pick one and do it well. I like blogging. I spend most of my time on that.
    Also, I think your and others cleaning habits are influencing me. There's something pink growing in my shower. Sigh. One more chore on the list.

  3. Jody: Thanks for commenting. Glad i'm not alone, but even if I was, it wouldn't worry me. I am spread too thin as it is (wish that were true of my hips!!!)
    The writers' group was wonderful. Friday I will be posting about something said there that really helped me gain perspective on my writing goals.

  4. Jessie:
    Good for you! From what i've read, you could write a whole 'cuteness' book about your boys!
    Now, don't go blaming us domestically challenged gals for your pink shower goo! LOL!
    Pay one of the kids to clean it, or give them a treat. It always worked for me when my kids were young. Problem now is, they are grown and I have to do it myself!

  5. Hey Jeanette - I do twitter, but sometimes I don't update (or tweet) more than once or twice a day and some days I just don't tweet at all. It is handy being able to comment directly to people about ideas and tips. Like everything in life you have to learn to find the balance.

  6. Kathryn:
    Thanks for the comment; i appreciat you stopping by.
    Perhaps in time I will learn to balance all the plates in the air at the same time. If only I didn't need to sleep...


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