Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Inspiring Quotes from WTP conference

“We tend to live our lives as if everything depends on us. It doesn’t. When we put ourselves where we’re supposed to be, we can expect miracles. God can be glorified even in rejection. You can’t orchestrate (your life), only God can.” -- Jane Rubietta

“The more specific our goals, the more effective we’re going to be.” – Jim Watkins

“Writing is about advancing the Kingdom. Don’t ever despise unpublished words. They are your training ground.” – Mary DeMuth

“Writing is like sharing with your best friend. You have to tread lightly. But, don’t be hesitant to share, because they need to hear what you have to say.” – Julie Dearyan

“What’s the biggest mistake writers make? TRYING TO GET PUBLISHED TOO SOON. You don’t give yourself enough credit for being an artist. With any artist, it’s a lifetime journey.” -- Rachelle Gardener


  1. LOVE the first quote, Jeanette! I'm so guilty of living as if everything depended on me! I scurry around and get stressed out! But truly our writing adventures are dependent upon Him! He'll orchestrate everything in his timing and in his way. He just wants us to be faithful with the gifts he's given us, right?

  2. I love what Rachelle said...that we are artists and it is a lifelong journey. That is so true. We grow in our writing, just as we do anything else. I need to learn to enjoy the journey more.

  3. Excellent quotes! I'm so glad you wrote them down to share with us:))

  4. Jody: I know, dear, I do the same thing. In fact, when I had a meltdown recently and told my husband I was not doing a very good job at life in general, that's what the Lord revealed to me as one of my problems: I was trying to 'do life' as if it all depended on me. Oops!
    This must be why Jesus said "Apart from me you can do nothing." John 15. We are discovering how true this is!

    Sherrinda: Yes, this set me free, too. It's a very wise statement that puts things in perspective. We are too often victims of our "instant" society, and that is so unreal.

    Terri: Thanks, and you're welcome! Have a great day, Jen

  5. Mary's quote spoke to me. I love the idea of thinking of my unpublished words as my training ground and even more love that writing is about advancing the Kingdom! Thanks for sharing these!
    ~ Wendy

  6. Wendy: I agree! Our time writing is never wasted. Thanks for coming by!

    Jennifer: I know! Thanks! Jen

  7. I really like the first quote.


  8. Larie:
    Yes, me too. I need a daily reminder of this one!


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