Monday, June 29, 2009

More Quotes from Write to Publish Conference

“God sometimes has us write unpublished words because we need to heal us.” -- Mary Demuth

“If you don’t adhere to the rules, you won’t stand out from the pack (because the general public is rebellious).” – Julie Dearyan

“Here is a P.A.T. answer for writers: Passion, Affirmation, Talent. If these three are working together, you are fulfilling your design.” – Jim Watkins

“There is a value to writing, whether it’s a journal, a letter, or a book. Seek the value in writing first, then the value in publishing later.” – Chip MacGregor

“Most readers approach an article with their arms crossed and an “impress me” attitude. We need to connect our information to the reader in an engaging, entertaining and interesting way.” – Ginger Kolbaba


  1. Hi Jeanette,
    Hope you're having a safe and peaceful trip to CA! I love these comments! Thank you for sharing more of what you learned at the conference. I think that last one is so true. I'm finally getting a little time to read and I know I'm guilty of the "impress me" attitude! And I've been a little disappointed in a couple of the books I've picked up by authors that have a great reputation. It's hard to please everyone, but I'm encouraged to keep on working as hard as I can to make my own writing engaging and entertaining!

  2. Those were great - I didn't sit in on all of those classes. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. LOL I love Julie's quote. Sometimes writers think they'll break the "rules" and stand out, but really, it's the ones who follow who are in the minority. Snort. Great quotes.

  4. Goooooo Chip! I believe his comment with EVERYTHING inside me!
    ~ Wendy

  5. I received my book and I'm enjoying it as we speak! THanks a million!

  6. “If you don’t adhere to the rules, you won’t stand out from the pack (because the general public is rebellious).”
    Now this one really speaks to me as I like to break some rules but now I get it!

  7. Dear Friends:
    Thanks for commenting, even though I was on the west coast.
    I read a book on the plane out to CA, by a top bestselling author that I'd never read before. Although it had some great stories and truths to share, I was disappointed in the sloppiness of the editing, and some continuity problems. It shows me you cannot become lazy just because you are famous.
    May we strive for excellence, not just numbers and sales.
    Blessings and love on all you dear sisters,


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