Monday, July 13, 2009

That's Outrageous!

This week’s posts are going to be short. I am nearly done with the two proposals to send to Hartline, our son is moving to CA Wednesday to try and find a job, and I’m working under a deadline for some magazine articles. So…

Let’s start the week with prayer. What are some outrageous, “above and beyond” things you are asking God to accomplish in your life, or for someone you love? Share them here, and I will agree with you for the Lord to bring them to pass. He is the God of the impossible, the improbable and the insurmountable. When we ask for something way out there, we KNOW it’s Him when it happens. Then He gets all the praise!

I will start: I’m asking for an excellent job for my son, Ron, my friend, Susan J Reinhardt, and everyone else who is unemployed right now. Your turn:


  1. Hi Jeanette,
    Ooh! Pink! I love it! I'm SO glad that you're getting your work done and persevering through it! (You had me worried for just a minute!) I'm so glad that God is giving you an extra boost of strength! And I'll continue to pray for you as your son moves. That must be so incredibly hard to think of him being so far away!

    Thanks for letting us share our prayer requests. I would covet your prayers for my FIL. He's still battling brain cancer and we just don't know if he'll beat it or how long he'll have to live. We're trying to decide if we should drive out East to visit him this summer or if it would be too overwhelming for him to have us all there. So I'd love prayers for that decision too.

  2. Pretty in pink. Your blog looks so different--very nice, Jen!

    I will pray for jobs and safe travels.

    As for me, prayers for a safe week for my girls at horse camp and productivity with my writing would be appreciated. Thanks for offering to pray for us too!

  3. Hmmmm, well, I would love for my father to become a Christian. I'd also like to sell a book. :-)

    Congrats on finishing up! :-)

  4. Jody:
    Thanks, I was ready for a change on the color scheme.
    Yes, I am temtped to cry over Ron leaving, but he needs to fly the nest and make his own way. He'll be fine, I'm sure!
    I am praying for healing for your FIL, and great wisdom for you.

    Eileeen: Thanks, i like it too!
    Yes, I will pray for the girls and for your schedule. How is your garden coming?

    Jess: Oh, yes, I will pray for your dad to have laborers sent his way, to share the gospel in ways he can relate to.
    And your books on the shelf, soon!

    Love you all,

  5. I will lift your friend up in my prayers and your son.

    Please add my brother to your prayers. He is battling (and losing) with alcoholism.

  6. Congradulations!!

    Lets pray outrageously for economic restoration for ALL those affected harshly.

  7. Jennifer: Thanks for the prayers.

    We have had battles with that in our family, too. I will be happy to pray for your brother.

    Andrea: Thank you!
    Yes, let's. You are sweet to think of everyone.

  8. I have read your prayer requests and will pray.

    Thank you for asking for our requests. My request is that I go with God's flow in proofreading and presenting a proposal at the end of the month.

    I was having a hard time with the bio, but Jessica at Booking It gave me some helpful info so I am no longer stressing over that.


  9. Larie: thanks so much.
    I will pray for your proposal. Which conference are you going to?
    Yes, Jessica is wonderful!

  10. Love your new blog look:)
    I have the same prayer I have had for awhile--too long:) that my husband gets a job he is in love with and that he can be used by God on it.

  11. What a lovely blog! I'm visiting from Brain Throw Up. I'm so glad you decided to enter my first line/first paragraph contest!

    I love the intro to your blog. It's such a great reminder...writing ultimately for an audience of one!

    My big prayer lately: That God would pour His blessings upon my writing journey. I usually don't pray for big blessings - but this has been my prayer these past few weeks. It feels right. Sorta like Jabez. :)

  12. Terri: Thanks!
    I'm on it, dear. God will come through for you.

    Katie: Wow, thanks! I love yours, too.
    I agree with your prayer. Get ready!

  13. It's funny that you should mention Susan Reinhardt. I just met her on Facebook. It turns out she lives in the town just south of me. She gave me her phone #, and I'm going to give her a call tomorrow to talk about the Greater Philly Christian Writer's Conf. She has offered to let me ride with her if I'm able to go.

    I guess my outrageous prayer is that I can make a living writing and not have to work outside of the home (so that I have the time to devote to writing!)

    I pray that you're having a great week!

    Hugs and Blessings, Leslie

  14. I am asking God's Holy Spirit to help my wife with her gossip problem. Sometimes I think she doesn't even know she's doing it. Please help her Father, I don't know what else to do or say to her, it just upsets her. Thank you Father.


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