Friday, August 14, 2009

And the Winners Are...

Announcing the Winners of the Pati Lacy book drawing:

!st place winner receives an autographed copy of Patti's newest book, What the Bayou Saw:

Sandee! Congratulations!!!

Second place winner receives an autographed copy of Patti's first book, An Irishwoman's Tale:

Jessica! Congratulations!!!

Thanks to "you all" for entering the contest; I received so many encouraging comments about the interview, and Patti's books. Stay tuned; I will be doing more interviews and book givaways in weeks to come. My next is on August 26th...

This is where the picture of the guinea pig was supposed to go. Use your imagination, okay?

Today is my 54th birthday. In my lifetime I have seen:

The first man on the moon;

The advent of the microwave oven;

Computers evolving from room-sized to lap-size;

Wi-fi hookups in fast food restaurants, and

Gourmet coffee shops popping up on every corner-- yes!

What are some notable changes you've seen in your lifetime?

Happy Weekend,



  1. That is the cutest picture!! I love pets! (You can move the picture by going to edit html and cutting all of the html code then pasting it where you want. The html code for the picture will probably look like this:

    The Internet, microwave oven, cell phones, personal computers, printers, digital cameras, iPods, you name it! So many wonderful things have been invented in my lifetime!
    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Sorry, the comment won't allow the code I typed in through. Look for an a href code!

  3. Oh Jeanette, Happy Birthday!!!! Your post didn't show up in my reader this morning so I had no idea you even posted today! I think blogger is messed up! Hope you have a wonderful day today!!

    I can't believe all of the changes that have occurred in just the past 12 years since I started having children. It's hard to believe that they don't know a world without email, internet, DVD's, i-pods, cell phones, and more. We had none of them when I was growing up!

    Many many hugs today!! :)

  4. Happy Birthday! and Congratulations to the winners. GOD BLESS! andrea


    I turn 39 in September. I remember a time before microwave ovens, VCRs, and cable TV. Remember the old dial TVs where we had to manually turn the channel? If I turned too fast my mom would shout out, "You're going to strip it!" I also remember a time before computers. How did we LIVE? We actually had to SPEAK to our fellow human beings.

  6. Congrats to Sandee & Jessica!

    I love the the picture, it's cute!

    In my lifetime, (wow, never thought I'd say that), I've seen:

    records go to cd( I remember cassette tapes as well)

    beta video tapes & players to vhs and now dvd

    floppy disk to thumb drives

    clothes line to dryers

    econoline van to mini-van

    5yrs old girls with piggy-tales and cartoon character clothing to beauty salon hairdos and backless-short-belly button showing-underwear string revealing attire, (sadly)

    Happy Bithday sweet Jeanette!


  7. Happy Birthday!!!!! That's awesome!! Congrats on 54 years! And congrats to the winners. :)

  8. Thank you, dear sweet ladies. You make my life brighter!

  9. Happy Birthday!
    I can't wait to read that book. :-)
    Hmmm, my changes are from vcr to dvd, from headphones to iPhones. LOL

  10. Congrats to the winners. Happy Birthday and may you have many more!

    Dare I say, I remember the milkman? shhhhhh


  11. OH I wish I had known it was your birthday. I was 18 when you were born and already married. Now think of all the changes I have seen.HA And I do NOT want to go back to "good ole days!" Love your little rabbit.
    C.U. when I return from Alaska. We need to do lunch again.

  12. I also want to wish you a Happy Birthday. And I must say the guinea pig is adorable.
    I have seen the advent of television, color television, transister radios, most plastic toys, mini skirts, maxi skirts, pre-nuptial agreements, MTV, roller blades, skateboards, and Barbie dolls. What a life!

  13. Hello Jeanette. Happy Birthday! I just popped over from On The Path. You've got a great blog - I'll be back!

    I turned fifty this year and I'm amazed at the changes in the world as well. How about iPods, Twitter, and even blogging. Who could have imagined?!

  14. I'm sorry I missed the actual day, but Happy Birthday!

    I'm only 31, so I've pretty much seen what everyone else has seen. But here is one thing for which I'm thankful that many of you may not ever think about: anti-nausea meds.

    In 1996 Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He survived, but it was a horrible experience and he was sick all of the time. Just ten years later my husband was diagnosed with the same type of cancer. Thanks to the advances in meds my honey never tossed his cookies once, which made the whole ordeal just a little more bearable.

    That's an advance in my lifetime for which I'll be forever grateful :)

  15. Jeanette:
    I have lived a bit longer than you. I remember cars not having seat belts or turn signals.


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