Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Knew You'd Want to Know

When this first happened Monday, I hesitated to post it here, thinking it might be perceived as boasting. But then this little voice said,

"If it was one of your blog friends, you'd want to know so you could rejoice with them." Right! I would! I'd dance and prance and eat some chocolate in your honor if this happened to you! So here's my big news: One of the agents I met with at the conference last month wants to see a partial of my WIP! Yippee Dippee! and "God Help Me!"

She needs it in two weeks, so my little fingers and brain are working overtime to revise, polish and edit the chapters I have done so far. I am elated and cautious at the same time. If she likes it, she will want to see the full ms, which means tons of work for me over the next few months, which is fine, I love to work. If she doesn't like it, that's okay, too, it just means I go back to the computer and the Lord for further instruction.

Mostly, I'm happy, and I thought you'd want to know, because I believe you'll be happy with me. And pray with me, too, please? That no matter what, I will glorify Jesus in my writing and my life.

Thanks and love,

P.S. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for interview with edgy novelist Patti Lacy.


  1. How exciting! Best to you, Jen. Take a deep, deep breath.

  2. So glad you shared the news with everyone. It gives us hope! Congrats.

  3. Praising GOD with you!!

    Please stop by arise 2 write and pray for a new bloggy friend who is asking for prayer. Andrea

  4. Thsnk you so much for sharing!! This is awesome news and I'm praying for you and your ms.

  5. This IS great news and it is NOT boasting! Of course we want to rejoice with you Jeanette! You keep right on sharing, in doing so you are encouraging your fellow writers to keep at whatever they are working at!

    Keep us updated about your status so that we can tweak our prayers for you as you move along!!!


  6. Thanks, you guys. You are the best!
    Love you, Jen

  7. WOW that's wonderful. It's nice that you had that interface with the agent. I pray God blesses you with an agent sooooon!

  8. OF COURSE we'd want to know!!!

    If you can't share that kind of news with us, who can you share it with? LOL!


  9. So how's it going?! You haven't quit your job yet, have you? ;) I'm praying for you to get this done! What an awesome opportunity!

  10. Congratulations, Jeanette! I can't believe you waited so long to post it! :) All your hard work and perseverance is paying off!

  11. How wonderful. I'm so glad you shared this with us. We can all rejoice when one gets praise, just as the Good Book says. Think of it, an agent reading your book. Well, that makes me pretty excited. God bless you. Will pray.

  12. Ohhhh, dance and twirl, as a friend of mine says. Thank you for sharing! How wonderful. May God bless your thoughts and writing.


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