Monday, September 14, 2009

Are you an Addict?

Hello. My name is Jeanette and I am a blogoholic. It started quite innocently. I was given Michael Hyatt’s website and told he had some good “stuff” for writers. Michael is a nice enough fellow, just doesn’t understand us addictive types.

When he encouraged blogging as a means of building a platform, I began. Just a little sip here and there, you know, nothing serious. But soon I was draped over the bar (dark chocolate, that is) with the best of them, blogging into the wee hours, waking up bleary-eyed and confused. *

That’s when I realized I needed help, and someone told me about the hundred-and-twelve step program, Bloggers Anonymous. I hope I can wean off the stuff gradually; I don’t think I’ll survive if I have to go cold turkey. I love to blog too much!

Seriously. I feel horrible that I spend more time blogging some days than I do writing. I check my blog for comments ten or twelve times a day. I pray for my blog followers like they are family—I feel you are; we’ve been through so much together. But if I keep adding sites to follow, using every spare minute to blog, I never will finish my WIP.

Just for the record: What is your ratio of blogging to writing time? Any suggestions for a desperate blogaholic?

* May include some exagerration--aka literary license--to make a better post.


  1. LOL Jeanette. I'm chuckling right now because I'm the same way. I probably do blog more than I write, but it's also because I can check things in two minute increments while watching the kids. Also, blogging is my entertainment so it takes the place of tv watching. :-)
    If things get hectic, it's okay to slow down. :-) I'm still learning how to discipline myself with this because I'm very much an addictive type when it comes to reading. :-)

  2. Welcome. There are a large group of us addicts in blogosphere. :) It is very addicting and I still struggle. I don't even need a platform yet and I still hunger for the interaction with people who are like me and can teach me so much! You will find your way and at some poing will find a schedule that works for you.

  3. Funny. Thanks for the confession! :O)

  4. Very cute new blog background, Jeanette!! :) I'm still trying to figure out my blogging time, but I'm trying to limit myself to a couple of times a day, and for a certain amount of time. Comments to my blog show up in my email. I do try to keep up with checking my email throughout the day, but I try to limit reading and commenting on other blogs to certain times. Once I did that, I felt a release from the pull to keep at it all day!

  5. Thanks for your kind and helpful suggestions, friends. See why I consider you family? You care.

  6. I love your honesty. On certain days the ratio is a bit too close. It has helped for me to knock out most blogging stuff in the morning (blocking off time and sticking to it) and writing during Quiet Time...ahhh...those words sound so nice right now. Quiet time. Quiet time. Sorry, got carried away. :D
    ~ Wendy

  7. I'm struggling with this too. I'm hoping to get some direction at conference. If I do, I'll be sure to share.

  8. Ha! I'm struggling with this too, Jeannette! It's everyday of the week, but especially MWF because the majority of the people I follow post then or everyday. I'm actually going to make myself a schedule and not check/comment on blogs during that time. I'm still looking for find the right balance/ratio of the two.

  9. Oh, I know how you feel! I said it would take me forever to get past the 100 mark on blogs that I follow. Well, it didn't take me forever. In fact, I just hit it last week. so I have to be careful and keep to a schedule and participate in Unplug Week.

    I make sure I have at least one day a week where I devote a great deal more time to writing. That way I don't feel like I'm getting behind on either and I can make progress each week.

  10. We need to form a club: BA (Blogger's Anonymous)! I read blogs WAY too much - especially blogs that have to do with writing. I keep reading (on these other blogs) I have to FINISH my MS before I can even think about anything else, but reading about the rest of the process is just fascinating to me!

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go WRITE now! :)

  11. Love this. It is both funny and serious.

    About 2 weeks ago I knew I needed to get off the computer. With the exception of checking email every couple of days I shut it down.

    I had become restless and was doubting myself about writing. I felt like I was not accomplishing much. I would spend a lot of time reading blogs and leaving comments of what I hope were encouragement to the bloggers I have grown to love.

    I write two blogs of my own.
    I have 36 blogs I follow and then you know how it goes. One of them will follow a blog and you click on that and then you have 37 blogs you follow. I was hooked.

    I plan to limit how many I follow. I think 40 will be the number. I also said one hour a day is enough.
    I found after awhile my eyes and body get tired of being in front of the computer and then I don't feel like writing. Of course it is not just blogging, but email, facebook, youtube, and I research everything. If someone mentions a country I am not familiar with I look it up and then I read about that. The computer was stealing with my permission, my quality time with God.

    So for two weeks I was barely on it for any reason. Shocking my teenage son. During that time I watched ministries,spent more time in prayer,reading the bible and finished a book(Crazy Love by Francis Chan) about Gods love. Now I get up early in the morning to seek God.I want to slip away and pray at noon. In the evening I want more of God.

    I still enjoy reading blogs. I love it. But it doesn't come at the top of my list each day.

    My solution,and I mean this in love not a judgement. If you find you don't pray as long as you blog, you might be doing it too much. First things First. Use a timer and when it goes off. Stop.

    PS. I see you just saw FireProof, wasn't it great. I think it is one of the best modern day christian movies ever made. Iam not married but I learned so much and laughed doing it.

  12. Thanks for stopping by! I try to have an get-off-the-Internet deadline (though I don't always keep it).

  13. I blog more than I write because I feel as if I have GOT to get what's in my heart out right now.

    Yeah, that's my excuse...


  14. Like any addiction -- it takes extreme effort to keep it in balance:)
    But the good I get from all the learning pays off so much in my improved writing:)

  15. :) This is so cute and funny! I pray for God to help me prioritize, and I no longer look at blogging as something to overcome. I need the friends I've made blogging and they need me. Yeah, I could have extra hours each week if I wasn't online, but I'm meeting my writing goals, so I refuse to feel guilty. Good luck!

  16. Aww, Jen. I spend way too much time blogging, emailing, and Facebooking. I could have written two books in the time I've spent on here. I guess I need to enroll in your club.

    But...then I would have missed all of you. :(


  17. Oh my goodness! Too funny and too true for me, too.

    Now I treat reading blog as my "reward". If I get so much writing done then I can check up on blogs and e-mail. It helps. :)

  18. Jen,

    Love your new blog look. I don't know how to discipline that. I work and have outside obligations, so that keeps me busy.

    Oh, I know. Set 2 chocolate bars next to you and by the time you finish them, STOP. How's that? :0


  19. You guys crack me up! See why I love you?

  20. Oh, Jen! I feel you!! I think this post resonates with almost all your readers.

    I've talked to my hubby about this problem I have. I love this "fellowship" with other writers, however, it does get in the way of writing at times.

    I'm learning balance....I think....

    My goal when I get back from the conference is to really cut down on my blogging time and jump back into disciplined writing. We'll see how that goes..

  21. I haven't taken the time to figure out the ratio. But I find myself checking my email several times while I am online. Could I be a blog-a-holic an not realize it?

    I try to use my blog and Internet activity as a reward for when I have written.

  22. My blog is really the only writing I do right now. I'm using it to hone the craft of writing and to try to discover what it is that I really want to write about. I'm able to keep up with it more in the summer since I'm off for 3 months. During the school year, I find it harder to write and to read blogs. If I didn't have a job or a family to keep me grounded, I could easily get lost in blog world! I enjoy it a lot and have been able to meet in person several of my bloggy friends in the last 3 months!


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