Friday, October 30, 2009

Cowgirls for Jesus

When Elaine told the theme of the ladies' day I was speaking for last Saturday was "Branded for Christ," I admit the picture that popped into my mind was a room full of women with “JC” seared into their backsides. Not a genteel thought for a pastor’s wife, eh? Well, you know me. I’m not your stereotypical pastor’s wife. Yee-hah!
Behold the cowgirls of Olivet Nazarene Church in Olivet, IL. Ain't they purty?

My message title originated from Hebrews 10:24: “Let us spur one another on to love and good deeds.” Using SPUR as an acrostic, I encouraged these Bible totin', devil bustin' ladies to bring out the gifts in one another by:

Speaking words of encouragement—tell another what you admire about them.

Praying for each other—focus on praying, not saying. Spend more time asking for the answer than rehearsing the problem

Understanding others’ points of view— why doesn't everyone think like I do, when I'm so obviously right? God made us different to complement each other.

Rejoicing with those who rejoice—showing genuine happiness for another’s blessings plants seeds of joy in our future.

After a pint-sized teaching on the first three points, I had the ladies circle up into small groups and practice what we'd heard. On the final point, we stayed in one large circle, sharing what favors God had showered on us. As each cowgirl told her happy news, we all yelled, “Yippee-yi- ay!” while I clanged my dinner triangle.
The cowgirls of Olivet Nazarene Church in Olivet, Illinois were one of the best audiences I've ever spoken to. Some people sit with their arms folded across their chest, daring you to help them grow in the Lord. Not these gals. They pulled the Word out of my heart slicker than pulling off your boots at the end of a long day on the trail. And their chow of beef stew, corn muffins and apple crisp made my innards smile, too!
Do you think of "Spurring one another to love and good deeds" as a positive or painful thing? What letter of the acrostic spoke to you today?


  1. I love that you are not your run of the mill preacher's wife! What a blessing you must be to your church! Branded, indeed! lol

    I think speaking words of encouragement is one I need to focus on more. I've been so wrapped up in myself, I haven't been on the lookout for who God wants to bless. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  2. Oh my goodness! You're an awesome pastor's wife. LOL! I love the acrostic. And you all look wonderful. :-) Thanks for sharing, Jeanette!

  3. This is the cutest theme I've heard of yet! You did an awesome job with using that scripture along with the theme! I also love the clanging dinner triangle and yelling yippee-yay!

    Awesome Jeanette!

    Praying spoke to me today. I kinda always want to speak my testimony in hopes of encouragement but I see that praying is what I really need to do more of.


  4. Great lesson in a fun delivery. Yee Haw!

    At first I thought you were dressing for a costume party. Too cute.

    P for prayer means a lot to me today. I've been around so many that have experienced loss and there is nothing to be done but prayer.

  5. Thanks, you sweet sisters. Your enthusiasm keeps me in the saddle when I feel like throwing it away!
    Love you,

  6. Oh, I wish I could have been in the midst!

    My Pastor spoke on this scripture not too long ago, and you both touched on like points. First, I thank God for the Word, and now the messenger. Thank you.

    For the past two years I have been focusing on the pray aspect. I realize I free I am to know that I don't have the answers but I can run straight to the solution.

  7. You are too cute! I've always wanted to dress up like a cowgirl. Spur (the s) spoke to me b/c I think as women, we find it difficult to encourage one another. I love to do it, but I notice it seems hard for so many.
    Fun post!
    ~ Wendy

  8. What a great message! Anything good in life has it's pain, I think, or it wouldn't matter near as much. Great pics!

  9. It's not always easy to view the world through someone else's eyes, but it's completely worth it. SPUR is a great teaching. Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

  10. Brilliant and fun, Jen! And I love that picture of you, want to give you a hug.

  11. How wonderful and you make a purdy cowgirl great pic

  12. I want to come to your parties! What a great way to instantly build each other up. Memories that you'll will keep forever! :O)

  13. Sounds like a great group of ladies. Praying spoke to me today because I really feel I get closer to God and understand people better when I am still and listening instead of trying to say it all. Thanks!

  14. Oh gosh you are so darn cute in that hat!!! You sure are blessed you know that? What special group of ladies.

  15. How cute is your picture! I love this, and what a great acrostic! I'm working on the "U" part for sure (particularly in my marriage!). Great post, and have a lovely weekend!

  16. Looks like a lively group. The letter I liked was P. Praying - I love it when someone hears a request and prays away instead of dissecting the thing to death. You won my heart on that point.

  17. Hi Jen -

    Love it! You're an original - no copies here. :)


  18. How awesome, Jen!! Wish I could have been there to participate and hear your talk!

  19. You sound like one COOL lady! And I love the group--Cowgirls for Jesus!

  20. I think the letter P sums up my life. I pray with people on the phone and as I think of those with whom I am acquainted as well as the many needs we have here.

    Sounds like you speak "Cowboy". I know you did well. I like the acrostic meaning of the letters.

  21. It was awesome to read your blog about our Western themed Ladies Day!! You were such a great speaker...a real team player...with so much enthusiasm and with such a powerful message. Thank you so much for helping to make our big day such a success. May God richly bless your efforts as you continue to spread the Good News.

  22. I love that!! And you look so cute in your hat!
    I often don't speak up and tell people what I admire in them or what I admire about what they're doing.
    But I admire you and your creative ways of teaching!


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