Friday, October 23, 2009

The Prayer of Jeanette

I’ve never heard the audible voice of God. But as I was meditating on the bold, miracle-embracing prayer of Jabez in I Chronicles 4:9-10 recently, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart: “Write your own prayer.”

The result was my Prayer of Jeanette:

1. Change me to think and behave, but especially to love, like You;
2. Use me to create that which glorifies You and enlarges others’ hearts;
3. Love me in ways only You can love, so I know it’s You;
4. Protect me from darkness of thought and word;
5. Empower me to achieve far more than I alone am capable of, so others will acknowledge You and love you;
6. Make me fruitful—full of fruit—colorful, sweet and nourishing;
7. Prosper me—cause me to go forward, increase me—so that I may impart more than I take. In Jesus’ Name, so be it.

Have you considered writing “The Prayer of (your name)?” Just as writing our goals helps us achieve them, writing a life prayer may enable us to see how our loving Father works in our behalf year by year.

What item will merit the #1 spot in your life prayer?


  1. Oh wow, I want to steal your prayer. It's so good, and basically speaks my own heart. Thanks for sharing, Jen! I pray God answers your prayer - and answers it larger than you ever hoped or imagined.

  2. The greatest commandment to love one another and God. It's a hard one to always have in the forefront of my mind. Great prayer! :O)

  3. This is beautiful, Jen. And by sharing it, it not only touches your life, but ours as well.

    I think first on my list would be prayer for guidance. That He'd show me the path meant for me, and walk it with me.

  4. Your #3 really spoke to me. I've spent too much time looking all around for others to love me. God's love is much more fulfilling and lasting.

    I'm going to do this today, write my prayer. Thanks! This is exactly what I needed to read.
    ~ Wendy

  5. You guys are so sweet! Thanks for the cheerleading. I'm humbled that my words help...

  6. I've never thought to do this and loved reading yours:) And thank you for that HUGE hug you sent me!! Love it!

  7. Beautiful prayer, Jeanette. I need to put some thought into this and create one for me, too.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful heart, girl!

  8. Wow, I love this. I've never thought of creating a prayer, but I think number one would be to be holy and blameless. I like the love part too, because that's one of the most important things talked about in the Bible. And lived, of course. Without love, nothing else is worth anything.
    Anyway, thank you for sharing this!

  9. Can't I have your prayer? This is a wonderful idea. I plan on trying this myself.

    Jeanette, I love how you seek God and share Him with us. Thank you.

  10. This is beautiful, Jeanette! Defintely a great idea. Thanks for sharing it! Have a great weekend!

  11. I'm proud and pleased that Jeanette is going to use this for her Christmas poem this year. This is the 35th year we've sent them out together, and I think this is outstanding.

  12. Beautiful idea from a beautiful heart.
    Blessings, andrea

  13. Wow, a comment from my guy--wonders never cease! In case you didn't figure it out, Kevin is my husband, boyfriend, BFF, soul mate, etc.

  14. Jeanette,
    Thank you for sharing that prayer! I am mostly a seat of your pants praying kind of gal, but if I were to be consistent, I would not forget "Your will be done".

  15. Oooooh Jeanette, your prayer is courageous. I could not pray that for fear of God's answers. I know that I would not be comfortable with how He would instill those things in me.

    Oh wow, brave, brave, brave!


  16. How sweet it is and how blessed you are that your husband supports your writing and your beautiful poem. Thank you for the wonderful idea.

  17. Hi Jen -

    Thanks for giving us a peek at your beautiful prayer. It gets right down to the heart level.

    Susan :)

  18. Jeanette:
    Your prayer says it all. I'm not sure what my prayer would contain. I'll think about it and let you know.

  19. Jen, You have honed my heart completely. How lovely is your prayer! you are so precious, words cannot describe how beautiful your heart is. I pray the Lord indeed yields to your prayer. I'm praying this myself! Love you.

  20. I love this line
    Make me fruitful—full of fruit—colorful, sweet and nourishing;

    I see him doing that in you already. Thanks for sharing it.

  21. Wow, I am sure He is pleased with your tender efforts. I love #2, but couldn't do without a single one of these. Very thoughtful.

  22. I love your prayer. I have to write one for myself. Great idea and thanks for the inspiration.


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