Monday, October 12, 2009

What, Where and How Many Do You Read?

  • What books and magazines are you currently reading?
  • Do you read more than one book at a time?
  • Where do you read?
In my living room, decorated in shades of sage, maroon and gold, my couch is heavy with Bibles, Marlene Bagnull's "Write His Answer," "Daily Devotions for Writers" edited by Patricia Lorenz, "Miss Match" by Sara Mills, and "Me and My Big Mouth" by Joyce Meyer.
In my front bathroom, splashed with sunflowers, birds and kitties, I read, "Stop Whining, Start Living" by Dr. Laura Schlessinger, "Daily Faith Food Devotions" by Kenneth E. Hagin, and 20 lbs. of magazines.
In my back bathroom, bordered and bedecked with seashells and ocean life, I read, "Ending Your Day Right" by Joyce Meyer and "Writing with Banana Peels" by James Watkins.
On the nightstand of my blue and rose bedroom is another Bible.
My Thomas Kinkade bordered office bookshelf holds a plethora of reference and craft books, and novels yet to be read or given away in blog contests.
At work I keep a copy of the New Testament and "Just Walking" devotional by Clella Camp.
I take a book or magazine with me out to eat or shop, in case I have to wait in line or alone at the table (when Kevin is with me, we talk. I think it's rude to read when he's there). When we lived in Southern CA and often visited Disneyland or Knott's Berry Farm, Kev took a book along to read while he waited in line for rides!
I'd love to hear about your reading habits...


  1. My kitchen table is stacked with history books. My dining room floor has piles of history books. And right now I'm eating and breathing 1800th century life! And actually since I love history, I have shelves of history books that I've collected over the years.

    But my nightstand contains my Bible, Bible notebook, and another book I'm reading about motherhood. And occassionally a good fiction book finds its way into the mix!

  2. I read blogs of course, mostly early in the morning before I wake our kids up.

    I just read the last page of the September/October '09 issue of "Christian Woman" magazine, (Gospel Advocate), on Saturday.

    I have many books, (such as "Stop Whining, Start Living" by Dr. Laura Schlessinger), however, reading them is not something I get to do often since I have three children under the age of seven. But oddly, I keep buying more books!


  3. I read my Bible and then there are several books I am currently reading and a couple of writing magazines.

    I love to read in my bed or outside in the midst of GOD's creation. Those are my two preferences for studying my Bible, too. There is just something safe about snuggling in my bed and GOD's creation makes me feel free to be me!

    Blessings, andrea

  4. I only read one book at a time and I carry it everywhere with me. :-) There's a stack of TBR books near my bed and then already read books are on the backs of my beds and under my beds and in some drawers. LOL

    Whew. So you read different books in different places, huh?

  5. Every end table has a book I'm reading on it. I have Bibles all over and I tend to carry my two-three main books from the couch end to my bedside table.
    ~ Wendy

  6. WRITING WITH BANANA PEELS is in the back bathroom? At least I'm in good company there with Joyce Meyer! See you at the Indy convention. 3 John 2, Jim

  7. Hi Jeanette!

    I love reading- of course! I carry by Bible every where I go, I especially like to read a portion in the morning before heading into work and at night before laying down to bed.

    There are books all over my house, in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, they are growing out of my closet. I carry a craft book with me and a leisure book at all times. You never know when you are going to have a free minute. I will read where ever I can, with kids I can't pick one spot.

    I am going to go grab the writer devotional that you mentioned, sounds wonderful.

    Blessings to you...

  8. Hey!!

    I read one book at a time, unless one is fiction and the other non-fiction. But then it's only two. And I pretty much read anywhere, especially outside. I love being outside!!! Magazines are really only for travel now.

  9. One book at a time, nestled on top of my table beside my chair in the TV room/office. I have a wide variety of reading materials ...

    Have a wonderful crisp autumn day. TTFN ~Marydon

  10. Thanks for entering my chocolate giveaway. I love meeting new people!

    Oh, we are avid readers in my home. My daughter reads like she breathes. She is an aspiring writer.

    Reading in line as Disneyland is a great idea but then...don't you have to store the book away?

    Husband is from S Cal. We visit DLand often. I'll have to think on the book in line idea.


  11. I read way too many books at once because whenever I pass by one on one of my bookshelves that sounds interesting, I pick it up and read a few pages (or more if I can't help myself).

    I'm reading a women's devotional Bible. The Fire in Fiction by Donald Maass. A YA book because my sister is MAKING me! Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult. I'm hovering in the middle of Pride and Prejudice (again!). I've read it a handful of times already. And I keep putting more on my wish list. I'll never get enough of books!

  12. That's a lotta love for books! My piles are small and concise so I don't get the overwhelmed feeling.... :O)

  13. I have books everywhere too, and I'm always working on a non-fiction and fiction at the same time and one always ends up in my purse when I leave the house just in case I catch a few minutes of "waiting" time. I'd be lost without books

  14. I have to tell you I've been reading up a storm since I got my Kindle!!! You must invest if you don't already have one. I own the large K2. I wouldn't get it smaller but either way it would be a blessing. I just finished Fearless by Max Lucado and am reading a book called The forgotten God (about the holy spirit). I also only read writers digest as far as magazines go. ;)

  15. I am currently doing a devotional where you read the bible in one year.That makes me run to Henrietta Mears' bible comentary "What the Bible is all About.
    I also read 2 online devotionals,by Joseph Prince and Chuck Swindoll.

    I have a basket of magazines by my bed that I read when time permits, this includes Good Housekeeping.
    I love magazines but find they come so quickly I don't have time to read them all.

    I am getting ready to read Money Cometh again by Dr. Leroy Thompson.

    I can't read but one piece of fiction at a time, when I try more than one I feel schizoid.

  16. I tend to read in right before I go to sleep. I have a book "Unpacking Forgiveness" that I'm reading my my Bible study group, my Bible of course, and my e-reader all on my nightstand. But I will pop one of them in my handbag if I'm going to the hairdresser or doctor's office.

    I have a few magazines on my coffee table: Mainly, World magazine and Bon Appetit. :)

  17. I read everywhere and there is always a book in my purse. Currently I have three books started.

  18. Jeanette:
    I am currently reading Max Lucado's "Facing Your Giants." I just finished Stormie O'Martian's "The Power of a Praying Woman"
    I have two books on the craft of writing, "What If" and Communicate to Change Lives.
    If I go somewhere that I have to wait, I take at least one book.
    My "What If" book is a study book. I have a 6X9 notebook I where I write the lessons out. (I am behind on it though.)
    When I am at home, I read in the living room on my couch with an afghan over me.

  19. Hi Jen -

    How do you keep track of so many books?

    My Bible, my main fiction read (usually for the blog), and a secondary book occupy my nightstand and a small shelf near my bed. I have two craft books in my office, which I pick up at odd moments.

    I also have two books started by my chair in the back bedroom. With the increase in my writing time, I haven't touched them in a while.

    Most of the time, I carry a book wherever I go.

    Susan :)

  20. I'm a one-book-at-a-time girl. I am reading The Message this year and it sits by the loveseat where I sit in the mornings. I read a novel in bed at night. (a HUGE stack sits by my bed!) And sometimes I lay on the couch and read while hubby watching football. I like to lay on the couch and read blogs too! Like NOw! :)

  21. Wow, I'm amazed at everyone's diverse and fun reading habits--thanks for sharing, friends!

  22. I'm reading Food Network magazine's November issue, Flannery O'Conner's Everything that Rises Must Converge, and I'm tempted to open Janet Tronstad's A Dropped Stitches Wedding, but I'll wait until I'm finished with the Flannery book first. Love to read!

  23. I'm reading Jeremiah in the Bible right now. I think it's one of the most interesting books of the Bible. I love the visual aids God gave to him. The Lord has been doing that for me lately.
    I don't read a lot of magazines. I love books. My favorites are on a small blue bookshelf. I'm going to reread Like A Mighty Wind by Mel Tari. It's an exciting book about revival in Indonesia. It always notches up my faith level.

  24. I have a pretty basket filled with books TBR! :) I'm reading Colleen Coble's Lonestar Secrets right now - KILLER BOOK! LOVE HER!!
    I usually just read one book at a time. Normally it's at night when I can crawl into bed with a cup of tea after I've done some of my own writing and gotten tired of it! LOL

  25. TY for your popping over for a visit today. It is truly amazing how 'disabled' we are & how 'abled' they are. His work is awesome.

    Have a crispy warm autumn eve. TTFN ~Marydon


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