Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Secrets of Witnessing for Wimps: Interview with Author and SAHM Marie Adams

Do you long to witness to unbelieving friends, but lack the guts?

Have you tried and failed at what you perceive is your duty to witness?

Are you eager for some fresh ideas on ways to witness from a fellow writer and SAHM? Then you've come to the right blog.

I am excited to welcome Marie Adams to my blog today.

Jen: Marie, you are a stay at home mom and author. But you also have a call as a missionary, is that correct?

Marie: Yes, I have felt a call to the mission field since I was 16 years old. I have never lived in another country, but I have taken 5 short-term trips to Mexico, Colombia, and several Navajo Indian reservations in the USA.

Jen: How do you fulfill that call while raising three young children (ages six, four and two)?

Marie: We attend a church that places a big emphasis on missions; they even speak to the children a lot about missions! We support several missionaries through the church, and pray for them. My pastor says that for missions to work, you need 4 types of people: those who go to the country, those who help them (i.e. sending newsletters, handling travel details), those who pray for them, and those who support them financially. My husband and I also took our oldest daughter with us on our trip to Colombia when she was 2 years old. Even though she doesn't remember it, I'm glad she was with us to experience another culture.

I occasionally talk with my children about other countries and how much the people there need Jesus. We also discuss Christians in persecuted countries, and we subscribe to the "Voice of the Martyrs" magazine that shares stories about the persecuted church (they have publications suitable for kids as well.)

Jen: I greatly admire your willingness to speak to people about the Lord in different settings. What are some of the methods you use to share Jesus with others in non-threatening ways?

Marie: Many times when I'm out somewhere or on the phone, I say "God bless you" or "Jesus loves you" at the end of the conversation. I pray for unsaved people whenever I think of it or see a reminder (i.e. we're eating Chinese food for dinner and I pray for everyone in Asia to find Jesus.) A prayer like this doesn't have to be long; it can be as simple as, "Dear God, please help everyone in Asia to find You or know You better."

Sometimes I pass out books on salvation to people I run into when I'm out of the house. My favorite small book on salvation is "The New Birth" by Kenneth E. Hagin. If you're looking, you can find a lot of people to give books or tracts to, even if you're not out much: the grocery store clerk, the waitress at the restaurant, your children's teachers or sports coaches, etc. I like giving books because they only take a few seconds to hand out and they're less likely to be rejected than a conversation about faith.

If you find out someone is a Christian after you've given them a book, don't worry; either it will strengthen their faith, or hopefully they'll find someone else to pass it on to. And once in a while, I mention my faith or something God has done for me on my Twitter posts; those are pretty easy, since they don't take long to write and I don't have to be afraid of "face-to-face" rejection from my followers.

Please return Thursday Nov. 5th for part two of this exciting interview. Remember, every comment on every post this month is one chance to win a blogiversary prize . For details, go here.


  1. I love this Jeanette!

    As a teen, I felt called to missions too. Then I fell in love with a man. LOL This is really helpful to me because I have several missionary friends and have wondered about myself, etc. I love her advice to pray for Asia in the Chinese restaurant. Thank you for this practical post. Plus, I'd never heard the four people thingy. Great insight there!

  2. Having the fortitude to witness is a challenge for some personalities. I think it's harder to witness to those we know.

  3. Great interview. I have such a respect for this type of ministry.

    My MC is involved in mission work in Mexico, and it is exciting to see her journey. The research has been an eye opener for me.

    God bless you both, looking forward to part 2.

  4. My church is big on missions too. We pray each week for a given mission trip.

    I do believe we need missionaries right here in our own land too,though. There are plenty who don't believe right around us, and so I pray for them as well.

  5. Ohyeah, I like that she is honest about the possibility of being rejected but not letting it deter her.

    I also like that Marie says that she uses facebook or twitter to do some witnessing as it's not as intimidating as face to face conversations!

    Lastly, I am so impressed and encouraged with the fact that she is a SAHM with three kids and she is an author. We have three kids, and funny, just about the same ages! Ours are 6,4 and 1!


  6. I love that you pass out books on salvation! This one looks like a winner BTW. This also reminds me I need to pray more for my missionary friends.

  7. Good reminder that we can be missionaries even in our own home town. She is living the great commission full time. :O)

  8. The greatest deterents to sharing the gospel are fear and inertia. Esther really works against these. I'm proud of such a daughter as she is to us.

  9. I see that my DH opened the surprise package a little early, but no biggie. At the end of Thursdays' post I was going to share that Marie--we call her Esther--is our daughter. Now you know...

    Thanks for your kind comments,

  10. I think telling others about the wonderful things the Lord has done for you is one of the easiest ways to share the good news. I enjoyed your interview and look forward to more.
    (Please, no prizes. I just love to visit and comment.)

  11. Hi Jen -

    I'm so glad I read all the comments and found out "Marie" is your daughter! She's lovely.

    Great interview and suggestions.

    Susan :)

  12. WOW!!!! WHAT A POST! One of your many secrets, Jeanette!

    How I love "Marie's" organic style of prayer, such as praying for the country whose food you are enjoying.

    Amazing stuff...and one of the reasons I LOVE THIS BLOG!!
    The OTHER? I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  13. Prayer and setting a good example are the unsung heroes of missionary work. Sometimes just a "God bless you" as suggested makes more of an impact than a sermon ever could.

    Thanks for sharing your uplifting story!

  14. This was a really good article!! Good job Jeanette! Keeping you in my thought and prayers always.

  15. WOW! I am so overwhelmed by everyone's kindness and encouraging comments! I feel that God gave me these ideas, and I'm excited about sharing them with you. It seems that He's given some ideas to you ladies, as well. I pray that you are blessed and have more chances to share your faith. For more info on that and on knowing what you believe, check out the books "The Case for Christ" and "Lifestyle Evangelism."


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