Friday, November 27, 2009

This is Why I'm Not Posting Today

These are the three reasons I'm not posting today. "Grand Babies" fill my home and my heart!


  1. I thought there were four reasons there for a minute although it's only a doll ....:}

  2. This is what the holiday season is all about. Family. Have a wonderful time.

  3. Oh goodness, gracious! Those are some ADORABLE grandchilren! Enjoy your time with them!

  4. Those beauties are certainly the most magnificent reasons you could have not to post.
    Enjoy your little ones and we will catch up later.
    Blessings, hugs, and prayers, andrea

  5. Perfect reason for stepping away. Looks like an adventure just waiting with the little red wagon.

  6. A PRICELESS photo.

    Glad you have such miracles in your life.

    AND YOU, my friend, are SOOOOOO creative!!!


  7. Those are three lovely little reasons. Have a warm and wonderful thanksgiving!

  8. I love how grandkids learn to pose for pictures at an early age. I guess it's because of the grandparents--right? They are darling!

  9. Hi Jen -

    They're so cute! Have a great weekend with your loved ones.

    I got to see my little adopted nephews and niece on Thanksgiving.
    The boys are 4 and 2, and really ham it up when we're taking pictures. Big Brother sees a camera focused at him and he automatically smiles and says, "Cheese."

    Kids are so much fun!

    Susan :)

  10. Jeanette,
    Wow, they're so cute! Nothing like grandchildren to improve the mood. Enjoy!

  11. Jeanette:
    I fully understand your decision. I'd do the same thing, had I the choice.

  12. Sweetness! :O)

    I just received my book from you and can't wait to dive in. Thank you so much for the blessing you are in so many lives! :O)

  13. Thanks, you guys. You made my day. Although we exhausted ourselves reading widawary books, singing silly songs and telling stories, our hearts are full of memories and gratitude to the Lord.


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