Monday, December 28, 2009

What About YOU?

Every Monday I ask a question, to get to know YOU better.

Okay, ready for today’s? Do you like to shop? What are your favorite bargain-finding haunts? Are you crazy enough to swim though the crowds in after-Christmas sales?

I love TJ Maxx, Borders, and Cracker Barrel. I don’t enjoy competing for walking space in thick crowds, so the days after Christmas will find me at home putting away decorations or reading with my black cat, Puddin on my lap.

Your turn…


  1. Love to shop! The greatest fun on earth! So many stores...Hmmm...

    Okay I can narrow it down to three, Nordstrom's, DSW, and Victoria Secret.

  2. Nope. Not at all. I really do NOT like shopping. Especially when it's crowded.

    Hope you had a super blessed Christmas!

  3. No, I don't care for shopping. I'd rather stay home and pet the animals too.

  4. I hate shopping as much as I hate cooking!!! Grrr....

    It's exhausting and I usually buy things I regret. LOL

    Petting kitties though, that sounds fun. :-)

  5. It depends on my mood. I don't want to fight anyone for a bargain. However, I LOVE bargains. TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Ross, All Book stores, and thrift stores rank among my favorites.

    Blessings, andrea

  6. Hey, Jeannette! I'm not going shopping but I still feel like a glutton for punishment because I'm about to drive an hour away (to the other side of ATL) to meet with friends for lunch. Here's the catch--I did this last week and got caught in traffic for an accident. All six lanes were shut down. With a full bladder, I had to get off (thank you, God, I made it off the interstate) on a "no return access" exit and find my way north to the next one. I'm praying no accidents today--for everyone's sake!

  7. Hi Jen -

    I'm a bargain hunter, but I don't like crowds. They can have the deals. It's not worth the stress.

    My ideal shopping day is moseying through stores at a relaxed pace. Puttering through antique shops is a lot of fun and satisfies both my hunting and history genes.

    Susan :)

  8. I LOVE to shop!! I hit Black Friday at 4am this year and got a washer and dryer 56% off - woo hoo! Even though my sisters live three time zones behind me, they were up at 2am to hit their sales (it's a family thing) so we "shopped together" via the phone :)

    I am a bargain shopper, so I always hit the big sales. In the past two years I have honestly purchased around $1000 worth of merchandise for about $250.

    The same carries over to my grocery shopping - I expect to save 50% each week (between coupons and sales).

    On top of it all, I married a man who loves to shop, too!! We were out of the house at 6:30 Saturday morning and didn't get home until 5:00 pm :)

  9. I do like to shop, but don't like the crowds, so try and be creative about when I go. Love J.C. Penney's sales, also Lands End and Pier One. I shop online when I can. Blessings to you and your readers:)

  10. No, I do not like to shop. Mainly because I never have extra spending money to have fun with. So I don't even go window shopping because it makes me WANT everything! lol

  11. Jeanette:
    I don't like to fight the crowds on big shopping days. But I do like a good bargain. My feet and ankles sometime bother me.
    I like outlet malls. When I was working, I took the time to go to Goodwill for sweaters.
    I try to check out the clearance shelves for office supplies at Office Depot.
    The dress jacket I wore today I bought it at a consignment shop.

  12. Wow, thanks for all these great ideas for bargains, you guys!

  13. I like to shop when I'm NOT looking for anything specific. That's when I usually encounter great finds and bargains. When I want something on a list--I usually can't find it. :p

  14. Being a bit claustrophobic, I'm not a fan of crowds so avoid the stores at their busiest times. The one exception was years ago when I was young and frugal and all the gift wrap and cards went on sale on Boxing Day. I braved the crowds and hated every minute of it. Now I've learned I can buy things very early in the season when shops first put out their old stock, and I usually get just as good a price.

    Carol Garvin

  15. I do like a bargain, but I don't really like to shop. However, I think it's only because I hardly get to shop alone anymore. When I shop I like to be able to completely look thru the clearance racks and try the items on.

    With kids, that does not get to happen often. I got one who tries to escape from the dressing room by crawling under the door, the other one snickering because I can't button the pants and another one peeping under the stall at the person beside us!

    Therefore, I do not rough it out in any of the after holiday sales!


  16. I like to shop when the stores are not so crowded, like hopefully this Saturday. My bargain stores are Kohls, Target, and accessories at Foreever 21. I also love to bargain and antique shop.

  17. If I could pay twice as much and get stuff delivered to my door that I didn't have to pick out and wasn't awful, I would. I hate shopping. :) I also hate crowds. Black Friday and After Christmas sales are like my worst nightmare.

  18. Hate shopping. Did find a new bath mat in Tuesday morning today.

  19. I hate shopping except for groceries and books. I love to cook and read and beyond that I don't want to see a store! This makes my husband very, very happy! LOL


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