Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Three Heads are Better Than One

“Wow, we found that fast by working together,” I told my co-worker, Jolene. “Just proves that three heads are better than one!”

“Yes, but I count only two of us here, Jeanette.”

I doubled over with laughter when I realized how I’d changed that wise old saying. When I told my husband about my blunder, I laughed even harder.

“It’s good that you can laugh at yourself,” he said.

“Well, why not? It beats feeling embarrassed by the stupid things I do. Everyone gets discombobulated from time to time. Why should I be exempt from making an idiot of myself? If I can laugh about my flubs, other people around me feel more comfortable. Then when they make mistakes, they won’t be so self-conscious. They see that I’m as real as they are, even though I’m a preacher’s wife. Perhaps when they have a problem that seems overwhelming, they’ll feel comfortable confiding in me, because they’ve witnessed one of my weak moments.”

We gain nothing by pretending to be perfect. We only fool ourselves when we act as if the dumb things we do are someone else’s fault, we meant to do them, or we can’t help ourselves. That’s called pride. It has a big fat “I” in the middle of it, and the Bible says God hates it.

Laughing at ourselves is a way of loving ourselves, of showing that we are comfortable with the person God made us, imperfections and all. So, go ahead. Next time you do or say something crazy—and it probably won’t be too long from now—get free and laugh at yourself.

We’ll like you better, and so will you!


  1. Laughter is the best way to get through life! Seriously, without laughter, life would be so...serious! ;) It takes the edge of the hard things if you can see through to the humorous. I'm lucky I married a man with a HUGE sense of humor. He makes me laugh every single day.

  2. I think laughing at ourselves will help us live longer, happier lives. I'm learning not to be so uptight but it's a struggle sometimes.

    I laugh at myself when I have to re-check locked doors or ask my daughter to check for me. It surely makes things less uptight!

  3. I try to be an open book. (no pun inteneded:)) if I mess up, trust me, I will say it and then laugh. We all do dumb things. Best to just laugh it off. You'd be a fun person to work around!

  4. I usually find something to tease myself about every day. EVERY DAY. And if a day is lacking God will have me stub my toe just to remind me to be humble. I often run into things.
    ~ Wendy

  5. I'm a real riot!

    There is a terrible epidemic of pride running rampant. I would rather not have to be knocked on my hind parts!

  6. I really need to laugh more. It's no fun on the pity pot. ;)

  7. I think there were three people working on that project and it was Jesus! His help always makes things work out the best! :O)

  8. This is so true! I know I expend too much stress on taking myself too seriously:) Thanks for posting this; it's a good reminder for my day!
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Jeanette, didn't you know that's why I come to this blog???
    YOU, dear one, make me laugh, hee hee hee hee, long and loud and free, and the more I laugh, hee hee hee hee hee hee, the more I'm a merrier me!

  10. I often get discombobulated!!! It is such a relief to realize that I am not perfect and will make mistakes. Fortunately God's grace is there to cover all my blunders and mishaps!

  11. Good point. I've been working on not taking myself so seriously, which includes laughing at myself. I certainly give myself plenty to laugh at!

  12. But you know what, Jen? When I first saw your post title, and then read the first part of your story, I didn't question the three part. Because I had God in my mind's eye, too.

    And that led to thought about how I should consider this, especially in relation to my husband and me. We've been married ten years, but we're still growing and figuring stuff out, and learning to make it about not the two of us, but he and I with God.

    And I say stupid stuff all the time. ;) Keeps me laughing all the time, too!

  13. Hi Jen -

    What a delightful post! I sure hope there's a chapter in your book about this. :)


  14. Ha! Three heads--you hear voices too? HAHA!

  15. Good post! I love to laugh and I need to remember sometimes not to take myself so seriously.

  16. Jeanette, such good words, that sometimes I forget, especially when I'm trying to act important. You are so likeable, already. Blessings*

  17. If we laugh at ourselves it frees others to laugh, too. If we can't laugh then the situation becomes embarrassing for everyone. Good thing God gave us a sense of humour!


  18. It's so easy to take ourselves too seriously. I often wonder if Jesus ever had to laugh at himself. He was human after all.

  19. Jeanette:
    Laughter is the best medicine. It makes for a merry heart.
    We need to laugh, it helps break the monotony of life.

    Great post.


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