Monday, January 4, 2010

What About YOU? Fur Children

Every Monday I ask a question, to get to know YOU better. Ready for today’s?

Do you own any pets? I really should say: do any pets own you? If yes, what have you named them? What eccentricities endear them to you?

My four “fur children” are named Rocky, Happy, Puddin’ and Angus. A gorgeous long-haired marmalade and white, Rocky weighs in at 21 pounds. He can often be seen snuggling with Happy, a misnamed persnickety female who resents having to share her universe with the baby, Angus. He loves to torment both her and Puddin’, also known as Puddin’ Pants, because of where she carries her fat. With their daily antics, these “royalty in cat suits” often turn one of my sour pickle moods into a spoonful of grape jelly.

Your turn…

P.S. The winner of Brandilyn Collins' book, "Eyes of Elisha" is Carole Garvin. Congratulations!


  1. Oh yes! We have a black lab named Bubba who completely owns us. we often refer to him as our firstborn...even though we realize I did not give birth to him. :)

    He makes a REALLY loud moaning sound when you scratch his ears. Incredibly endearing. And he can dribble a soccer ball with amazing speed and agility. :)

  2. I love the name Puddin' Pants! You have done a great job with introducing your pets to us.

    I do not have any pets, but when I was little my sister and I each had a goldfish. I named my fish Michael Jackson and she named hers George Jefferson! tee-hee


  3. Oh how I love pets! But we tried last Christmas to get a dog again and it was a fiasco!! Love cats more but my SIL is allergic so we are petless and I get my joy from them from the neighbor's dog:)
    Good moring and happy day!

  4. We don't have any pets now, but we had some when the kids were younger. Our menagerie included a chocolate lab named Hershey, a black and white stray mix called Oreo, two rabbits, two guinea pigs, a tarantula, a South American frog, lots of fish, and lizards. There were also assorted temporary pets that my two sons and daughter adopted for a time. Fun times:)

  5. Oh my'd have to ask THIS question. Rather than take up a whole screen of words, I'll refer you to an old post of mine.

    Add to that 2 mice, a gerbil, and assorted fish.

    God just made us animal lovers.

  6. Forgot to mention dog pics are on the sidebar of my blog. ;)

  7. Love the names of your pets.

    We have a big white fluffy Samoyed named, Korah.

    She was our first daughter. 11 now.
    ~ Wendy

  8. Puddin Pants sounds like a keeper, we share a lot in common!

    I don't have any pets, and never did growing up. I hope that changes in the near future, I know my girls would adore an animal. Praying hubby will give in!

  9. I love animals. I really love my poodle, Mitsi Gail Boodylicious.
    :0) She's the best poodle in the whole world. I call her "sister".

  10. This requires a rather lengthy!

    I am owned by a zoo of animals:

    Sitka (alaskan malamute). He will be 5 years old in April and weighs 125 pounds. He is a therapy dog and also serves as a service dog alerting me to asthma attacks before they occur. He also writes a blog, All God's Creatures (

    Nanuq (Samoyed). He is 8 years old and weighs 90 pounds. He is also a therapy dog. We rescued Nanuq about 2 years ago and he is a real sweetheart.

    Trouble (toy poodle). Trouble is 10 years old. He is a therapy dog. He is loosing his vision due to cataracts. He weighs 10 pounds and sleeps between my hubby and I. He is the boss at our house, keeping all the other furry kids straight.

    Macy (Cocker Spaniel). Macy is will be 16 years old on Jan. 7th and has been cancer twice. She is totally death and her mommies baby girl.

    Sox (american kitty). He is a 3 years old. He weighs 15 pounds. He is really a dog trapped in a cats body.

    Lucy (kitty). She weighs about 10 pounds. She is quite aloof. My hubby rescued her many years ago. She is about 12 years old. She loves to play with Sox, but does not care much for the dogs.

    Well, this covers the basics of The Perdue Zoo. Lots of vacuuming...they are all indoor pets! We would have it no other way.

    Blessed to have animals in my life,

  11. Hi Jen! I have two furry sons and they are both quite naughty. One is a golden and the other is a pekaneise (sp?) Dogs of course. I would love cats too but the kidlets are tres allergic.

  12. I love this, you guys. What a fun way to start a work week!

    Your fur children names are a scream!

  13. We used to have a dog and a cat but once the kiddos came along we found it was easier to hold back on pets for awhile. My oldest had a few hermit crabs last year, though. They were kind of fun to watch as long as I didn't have to touch them. I DID have a dream last week, though, that I went to the pet store and bought a rat and a dog. Strange combination.

  14. I'm thrilled to be the winner of Brandilyn's book! Thanks, Jeanette! When I do the review I'll link back here.

    Your lineup of felines look very innocent (love the hats). More years than not our household has been canine chaos... have had as many as five at a time, almost all Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties) with the occasional Labrador in the mix. Right now we seem to have just one black Lab... his name is Tynan which means "the dark one" in Gaelic. He turns four this month and weighs 90 lbs. but still cavorts around as if he's a puppy. He loves his toys... has a collection of stuffed animals (has never damaged a single one) and when he isn't packing one around he's sleeping with his head or paws draped across it. He's a big sweetie!

    Carol Garvin

  15. Hi Jen -

    I don't have any pets right now. Years ago, I had two cats: Abraham and Sarah.

    They came from the same litter. One was a black and white tuxedo cat. The other was a sweet tabby. One lived for six years and the other 13 years.

    Susan :)

  16. We have my baby, Cookie. She's a 13 year old Himalayan cat and I love her to death. Then we have a guinea pig, named Domino. The new addition is our mini-wiener dog, Sophie. She's a cutie!

  17. YES! Our daughter--ahem, dog Laura, who is my rainy day friend, and two new granddogs, Mario and Silas, yellow and chocolate labs respectively.

    Just like grandbabies, you can pet 'em and coo over them, then hand them back at "inopportune" times!!!
    LOVE this blog!


  18. We have one cat now.... I don't love her, but she is Tommy's daughter so she is ours. My daughter is allergic so she has to stay outside or in the cellar. Crazy I know! :O)

  19. My kiddies are Bucket and Midgie.

    Bucket is an all black, not-so-bright male who is SUCH a daddy's boy! He knows when I'm on the phone with the hubs and will start yowling. He also meets his daddy at the door after work :)

    Midgie is a tiny little thing that eats like a HORSE! She loves to be warm, so she spends her winter nights under the covers snuggling with me :)

    I LOVE my kiddies!

  20. Cute kitties!

    I have two but they're outdoor kitties so there's less cuddling, unfortunately. They're sweethearts though. The boy, Kiah, is almost like a dog. He goes on walks with us and pretty much follows us around.

  21. To clear up any misconceptions, the above photo is not one of my fur babies. I found it on Bing images, and I'm sure it took the photographer at least ten tries to get that perfect pose!

    Thanks for all your fun input today,

  22. No fur babies in this house. Absolutely not. Okay, I admit, we have a few. Or five. Two kitties (which you've seen on FB!). Then a Golden. And two hamsters. They are all horribly spoiled and loved by all of my children. Never me! ;)

  23. I love pets, especially cats, but we have only had gerbils, because they can be kept in cages. My husband does not like pets at all and he won't give on this one. Unless I want another gerbil, but they die too soon and then I cry.

  24. Jeanette:
    We had dogs over the years but we had bad luck with them.
    There are two or three that stand out in my memory.

    Congratulations to Carole on winning the book.


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