Friday, January 8, 2010

Woman Snowed in with Noisy Man

Someone help me. Please.

I am home from work early due to snow. I think, “Excellent! I will have the entire afternoon to write, blog and catch up on emails. Thank you Jesus!”

And then.

Because my DH works from home, he is also here. And since I mostly write on Saturdays and evenings while he’s gone, I had forgotten how much noise he makes. The heavy stomping down the hall every few seconds. The talking to himself. The jolts of irritating Southern Gospel music sneaking through the walls to choke my creativity.

I think this man could find a way to make noise while folding a towel.

What I’d planned as an afternoon of peaceful writing has devolved into a prayer meeting of one. Me. Asking God to keep me from whapping my DH upside the head, or give me patience to write anyway.

Do you need silence to create? Or do you thrive with a little background noise?


  1. Silence would be ideal, but since I have two children..Well you get the idea. I've learned how to escape even in the midst of their madness!

    Thank you Jesus!

  2. LOL Too funny! My husband is loud too. The moment he walks into the house he has to talk or shout. It's a compulsion or something. I can write in noise but I really can get lost in the story when things are quiet.

  3. Love the folding the towel comment! Made me laugh. :)

    Yes. I need silence. That is why I bask in my early mornings. It's so blissfully quiet.

  4. You are TOO FUNNY. My mother in law says my husband was like 'a bull in a china closet' when he was a kid. LOL

    I'm not a writer, my daughter is, but I like silence when I read or now sew. It allows my mind to be free.

    I suppose we should be thankful for the noise our husbands make. The silence that would exist if they were gone would be so painful. Of course, I know I'm not telling you anything new. I know we appreciate the men God gave us.

    Blessings. Praying you find your quiet time.

  5. Had to chuckle when I read this. Many of the men in my family are not as quiet as us women are. My sister said one time (about her husband) "He doesn't have a quiet inside voice."

    I need it to be somewhat quiet when I write. Doesn't have to be silent, guess it just depends on the type of noise.

    Blessings for your weekend!

  6. I LIKE QUIET, she says screaming.

    I like it, but hardly ever get it. I try to work when my kids are wrapped up in something (preferably not cords).

    Have a wonderful weekend to a WONDERFUL woman.
    ~ Wendy

  7. Noise while folding towels. Oh Jen, you crack me up!! And while I thrive best on silence! I've learned I can't wait for the ideal conditions to get to work! I just have to take what I get which is usually a hectic, noisy houseful of children running around screaming while I'm trying to write! :-) Well, maybe not that bad, but it does feel like that most days!

  8. Yes! Silence is priceless! And I really only get that when no one is here. I've learned to write with headphones, but I wish I didn't have to.

  9. Lol, that's so funny! My daughter LOVES Mr. Noisy.

    I don't need silence to write. I don't mind background noise at all. As long as it's not aimed at me. Like, "Mommy? Mommy? MOMMY!!!" That kind of thing...yeah, it makes focusing a little harder :D

  10. You have the best humor of anyone I know!!! If I keep hanging with you, will it rub off? Or will that noise of rubbing off send you skittering?

    I love to write with MUSIC, lots of it! But not TV, etc.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Jeannette, this blog was rich. Oh, how I've been there. Especially when we travel. I think: Goodie, I'm inspired; I'll get some writing done. What happens? Hubby's in the mood to TALK. About everything. Nonstop!
    Love that man, but sometimes . . .


  12. Well... we talked about this last night. Seems I thought he'd be peeved if I asked him to put headphones on or turn it down a bit. He said, "No, I wouldn't. I'd just have found something else to do." We've only been married 35 years, so I guess we need more time to get to know each other. Sheesh!

  13. I feel ya. I left work early yesterday due to snow, planning to get some writing in. Fiance was home, "looking for a job and doing some work from home." He works...but his schedule is flexible and most of the day he's driving around town meeting with clients. He's also trying to find something else. I got home to find him cleaning the house, which was great, but gone was my vision of him working while I wrote, quietly, on the sofa. I finally got some writing in later in the evening, while he watched TV. I've had to learn to tune him out. You can do like I do at work...just put some headphones in and tune it out with music. I used to think I couldn't write with music going on in my ears but I now can't write without it!

  14. When I need to think, silence is golden. I feel for you.

  15. You two are cute! I look over at your picture together every time I come to your blog and pray my husband and I have that big of smiles after 35 years.
    I guess silence for me so I can talk to myself and hear myself answer. :O)

  16. After 50 years of marriage I guess I've grown accustomed to the sounds my DH makes, although I must admit he's very considerate. I need near-silence to write. If there is distant background noise I can buffer it out with very quiet music (instrumentals only, preferrably classics that don't conjure up their words in my head!)... I pop a CD into the computer rather than wear headphones.

  17. Hi Jen -

    I need quiet and usually get it. Of course, if Mom is here, I'm usually playing 20 questions. LOL!

    Susan :)

  18. I can relate. snicker.... I am able to work with some noise, just depending on what. Background doesn't bother me too much. Say, did you fold that towel?

  19. I need silence! I love silence! Silence is my best friend! My only two children, both girls, left to go away to college the same year, actually the same day. There was some emotion to the drop-off, yes, I am not a totally non-mother mother, but oh when I got home, and for days after, I barely even turned on a TV. I enjoyed the silence so much!

  20. The job I have now we all make calls in an open space. Sometimes I want to is so easy to get distracted. When I write i like some music on and yes a room to myself. There is something about lots of talking when I am trying to concentrate that drives me crazy. I so understand.

  21. Jeanette:
    I PREFER quiet. But with a husband that is retired and housebound-need I say more. We have two televisions so he and I can each watch our favorite shows (we usually have different tastes.)
    I get interruptions as well as some noise.

  22. I am sorry but I can't stop laughing!!! I think I like silence though I hardly get it with 3 little ones running around!

    -Alisa Hope


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