Friday, March 5, 2010

From NO to YES part 2

After years of resisting others’ encouragement to publish a book, my writer/animator son asked me, “Have you considered compiling your columns into a book, Mom?”

Great, I thought,They’re ganging up on me now.

I whined, “Not really, Ron. Several people have suggested it, but it’s so much work finding a publisher.” I laughed, same as I’d done with the others. Ron didn’t laugh along.

As a free-lance animator, he understood the rigors of trying to find open doors for artistic endeavors. And he didn’t relent.

“You could try to find a traditional publisher for a couple of years, then if it didn’t happen, self-publish. At least give it a shot.”

I went to the Lord with Ron’s suggestion, asking Him to direct my steps and show me what to do.

That was two years, three conferences, several published articles, and two books ago. Although I have yet to find a publisher for the books, the Lord brought a splendid, caring agent into my life to help.

I’ve quit saying “NO, I’m not going to publish a book,” and started saying, “Lord, please help me get my books published.”

Is there something in your life to which you said, “No way,” for many years, but you're now saying, “Lord, help me do this.”? Don’t you love it when He changes your heart?


  1. Yes, and the fact that He even TAKES THE TIME to change a stubbornn mule like me.

    I love you, Jeanette, and I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!

  2. So glad to hear the end of the story. Good for you. By the way, I love the title (I think it is Secrets of a Preachre's Wife.) On a comment blog you mentioned changing it. It would hook me for sure, in fact I would love to read it now.

    I do love it when God changes my mind. He did it recently, and I love that He is in charge.

  3. The Lord will supply. Best wishes for your continued success.

    Stephen Tremp

  4. Sometimes we listen to HIM but often we don't. Good for you in pursuing your dream.

  5. When we surrender our lives and endeavours to him, God often surprises us. I never intended to go public with my writing; my first magazine article wasn't a queried submission but was written in response to an editor's request. Since then I've continued to have articles published but have felt led to also write my novels. Whether they will ever be published doesn't concern me. I feel if I stay obedient to His leading He will let me know if or how I should proceed. Right now I'm just loving the writing and that's such a blessing!

    I'm glad you responded to His promptings and are aiming for publication. If it's meant to be, it will happen... all in His good time.


  6. Hi Jen -

    Several years ago, the Lord prompted me to spend a year at Bible School. I didn't want to leave my job or go to school. I'd graduated from another Bible School years before.

    I came to the point where I was willing to be made willing. I finally agreed, and it was an amazing year.

    Susan :)

  7. The Lord will supply for your every need!

    It is wonderful that you didn't give up on your dream!



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