Friday, March 26, 2010

From Princess to Queen for Less Than $30

We’d moved to Illinois from Southern California four months before our 25th anniversary ten years ago. I wanted to go on a cruise to the Bahamas to celebrate managing to stay out of "Divorce Court" and "Murder She Wrote" for so long.

My husband suggested the St. Louis Zoo, which charges no admission fee. I ended up hosting a party for all our church members. Perhaps I thought they’d give me money in silver-lined envelopes, and I could yet hop a plane to a warm sandy beach. Instead, I cleaned house and smiled ‘til my jaws ached.

This year we celebrated our 35th. Since I missed the cruise and even the zoo, I decided to become a princess. How? I’m so glad you asked.

When I saw the exquisite jewelry designed by Sara Valente at Twillypop, I asked her if she could create a necklace for me in my favorite shades of peach and ivory. She not only agreed, she made this princess feel like a queen by naming my lovely piece “Jeanette.” Here it is, in all it's glory:

Being the practical lady I am, I’ve decided to plan my spring and summer wardrobe around this little beauty. I know you'll agree I made a wise decision. When someone oozes as much creativity as Sara, I’d be a fool not to encourage her!

If you’d like one of these lovelies or another of Sara’s designs, go to Twillypop and shop 'til your princess' heart is full. Besides, she's having a givaway today for a $30 gift certificate to her jewelry store!

And if you ever come through Paris, Illinois, I’ll have you over for a spot of tea and introduce you to Prince Kevin. Unless, of course, he’s off to the zoo.


  1. Oh! Thank you so much, Jeanette. The necklace looks absolutely gorgeous on you! It couldn't suit you more! Thanks for the opportunity to design it for you. You are such a special woman and sweet friend!

  2. Oh, Jen! The pictures aren't show up on my screen! I'm just getting a blank picture. I'll try to remember to come back later and see if they show up then!

  3. You are such a beautiful lady, inside and out. How fun to get a necklace made just for you!

  4. I love it!!! :) beeeeeeyooootiful! :)

  5. Lovely necklace for a lovely lady! Happy Anniversary!

    Thanks for sharing this, and for sharing the link, too.
    Blessings and happy weekend,

  6. Hi Jen -

    You look wonderful all decked out in your Twillypop necklace! I hope you get to go on that cruise someday. :)


  7. Hi, Jeanette~

    What a beautiful necklace. Those colors are just perfect for you!

    You are right, she does make beautiful jewelry!


  8. LOVE IT...LOVE IT...LOVE IT and LOVE YOU, my friend! You made me smile...
    Hugs, andrea

  9. Congratulations on your 35th! Unions of this duration seem much more of a rarity these days although I do have several friends who've made it that far. In my third marriage I figure if I make it to 81 years my wife and I can celebrate our 35th -- it's doable.
    I'm not a huge jewelry fan- your necklace looks nice-- but the zoo sounds fun.

  10. We are such soulmates on this. Hey, a piece of jewelry can MAKE a seasonal wardrobe. LOVE IT!!!!!

    (So can one certain peach/mango sweater wrap.)

    Here's to you, Queen Jeanette.
    Love you.

  11. You guys are the best! Thanks for making me feel like royalty.

    Have a blessed weekend,

  12. So glad I found your blog en route from over @ Eternity Cafe! It's so encouraging to find kindred spirits! Thanks for the heads-up on the gorgeous jewelry, I'll definitely be stopping by your friend's site. Have a blessed weekend and Happy Anniversary!!

  13. The necklace is beautiful. How grand that is was made just for you and even named for you. Queenly for sure. I love that you are doing your wardrobe around it. I think one wonderful piece of jewelry is a great idea.

  14. I can see why peach and ivory are favourite colours. They suit you perfectly! The necklace is gorgeous and will be a tangible reminder of your anniversary long after memories of a cruise would fade, although a cruise is pretty special, too. We took one to celebrate our 50th last year (yes, I'm that old!) and loved the week of pampered luxury and fabulous sights. Happy 35th to you!


  15. Jeannette, you are your usual lovely self. I love your blog; visit often, but seldom comment. Have a wonderful anniversary.

    You know, sometimes you've got to give some BIG hints: like take a calendar for the month & mark each day: Coming up: anninversary! You know men . . . :)

  16. You look like a queen sitting on your throne. Love it!!!! :O)

  17. Beautiful Jeanette! A lovely piece on you.

    Happy Anniversary- wow! God is so good.

  18. I'm jealous! I've been wanting a twilly pop necklace for sometime now! I'm going to do it, just because you look so great in it, I'm doing it too! Can I blame you if my husband finds out? ;)

  19. Absolutely gorgeous! If I had a treasure like that, I'd plan my wardrobe around it too. :-)

  20. Congratulations on your lovely Twillypop necklace! I found your blog through Sara; what a talented and creative woman she is. I'm thrilled to have discovered your wonderfully beautiful blog; I'm sure it will be an inspiration to me! :)

  21. That is really pretty!!!!Perfect spring and summer colors. In winter it would look great with browns and tans.

  22. Jeanette, that is lovely and Sara got it "spot on." She is so talented and yes, you are a princess, a child of the King. Blessings on your anniversary.

  23. Jen:
    A beautiful necklace. I like the colors. They complement your coloring.

  24. Wow! that's elegant to the core!


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