Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Love Hats? Join Author Tammy Barley, the Lady Who Wears Half a Dozen

Today I’m honored to have as my guest a new friend Tammy Barley, a writer par excellence and the author of the Sierra Chronicles trilogy.

I “met” Tammy when I read an interview with her on my agency's blog. She told about a contest involving her debut novel, where I’d have a chance to win a 7-night stay at a Colorado dude ranch. Can you guess the rest of the story?

I didn’t read “Love’s Rescue”—I inhaled it. This is one of the most finely crafted novels I’ve ever read. And I don’t say that because I won the contest! The setting, characterization and story line weave together to make a sweet and satisfying work of art. Here is a short synopis:

A Dividing ConflictIn 1863, the War Between the States is dividing more than a nation. To escape the conflict, Jessica Hale and her family flee their Kentucky home and head for Nevada Territory. Her brother, Ambrose, committed to the Confederates, rejoins his Kentucky militia and is disowned by his father. But the worst is yet to come.

A Heroic KidnapperWhen Unionists presume the family to be Confederate sympathizers, they set a devastating fire to their home. All alone and then “kidnapped” by cattleman Jake Bennett, Jessica is taken to a ranch deep in the Sierra Nevada wilderness. Can she overcome her resentment toward Jake for failing to save her family?

The Depths of LoveWhen Jake launches a plan to help Jessica’s brother escape from prison camp, she sees him for the honest, good-hearted Christian man that he is and now knows the depth of his love for her. Through the lingering smoke and smoldering ashes from her ruined home and murdered family, will Jessica see a future with Jake?

And now, the author of this stirring story:

1. Jen: Welcome to Audience of One, Tammy. Your debut novel, “Love’s Rescue” is set in the civil war era. What caused you to choose this time period for your series?

Tammy: While growing up, I move often (twenty-seven times) and lived all over the country. Kentucky was and still is my favorite place. My parents’ love of exploring and history led us to delve into the Civil War history of Kentucky and the South. After a time, the Civil War era began to feel more real to me than my own. It seemed natural to write about it.

2. Jen: From the moment you got the idea for “Love’s Rescue” to its release, how long was the process?

Tammy: I cringe to say this, but about twenty years, though my suffering kidney failure in 2001 and the transplant that followed finally allowed me the opportunity to accomplish most of the work, which took place during the final three years before it was released. Remember that Bible passage about God using EVERYTHING for good? =)

3. Jen: What helped you overcome discouragement along the trail to publishing your first novel?

Tammy: In truth, God had pulled me through so many tough situations that I knew He’d get me through any obstacles. He lifts up; He rolls the boulders out of our paths.

4. Jen: Although writing takes up much of your time, what other hats do you wear, and how do you keep them balanced?

Tammy: Good thing I love hats! LOL! I work full time as an editor, ghostwriter, and biographer, judge a number of the top writing contests in Christian fiction, am a single mom, home school three teens, and I help the kids to raise parakeets (we currently have eight babies and are hand-feeding four around the clock). How do I keep those hats balanced? By prioritizing, being flexible and—thanks be to God—being able to find the silver lining in any situation and being able to laugh.

Please return Friday for part 2 of Tammy's interview and a chance to win an autographed copy of "Love's Rescue."

What hats are you wearing today?


  1. Tammy's book is on my table by the bed, waiting patiently to be read. It is next on my list to read and I can hardly wait! Great interview and I look forward to reading the rest on Friday.

  2. Thank you!
    Blessings and prayers,

  3. I MUST get my hands on those books! Great interview, I'm looking forward to part 2!

    Hats today...homeschooling mom, necklace designer, photographer, social media nut, wash woman, short order cook & did I mention wife?

  4. What a great interview! I'm adding these to my tbr pile. I love historical fiction!

  5. If you "inhaled" a book, I will love it. BTW, have some pretty cute pix of you posted on Facebook.

    Hmmm. My hats? Teacher, mom, wife, daughter, sister, writer (this one's brim is smashed right now as I am fighting with a new ending for The Rhythm of Secrets. Is there a milliner handy???

  6. My hats today: web writer, editor, writer, and model (I feel cute in a new outfit). :0)

  7. Happy Wednesday, All!

    Jeanette, thank you sooo much for you lovely interview! You are SO inspiring. I am thankful to have met you!

    Hi, Sherrinda! We seem to bump into each other at different blogs, don't we? It'd be fun to bump into you at a conference or book signing and get to meet you in person.

    Thank you, Andrea, for visiting! You appear to be a gal who loves jackets, by your photo. I LOVE jackets. VERY stylish, and you can wear them with anything! =)

    Hi, Sara, fellow home schooling mom! I also love photography--we've made it one of our art classes. The guys have taken great photos of frogs at a local pond, and my little gal has a few hundred pix of butterflies. I imagine that's were Ansel Adams got his start. =)

    Greetings, Nisa! If you love historicals, you'd LOVE getting to wear a hoop skirt. They're a bother, yes, but also a hoot.

    Thank you so much for stopping by, Patti and Kristen! You two gals wear enough hats to be a football team. God bless you for all you do and the hearts you inspire.

  8. So. Many. Hats!

    We pull it off pretty well ladies! Today I'm mommy, wife, employee, writer, editor, reader, cook, maid.


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  10. Hi, Tamika! You are SO right! Us ladies do pull it off pretty well.

    A pastor once told me, in all seriousness, that he believed God has an extra-special place in heaven just for good moms. I tend to believe it. =)

  11. Beautiful cover art! Love her story of what God has brought her through and all He is using her for now. :O)

  12. Hi Jen & Tammy -

    I'm looking forward to Part II of this interview. This book is going on my Wish List.

    Today, I'm wearing my writer hat. I spent the morning re-formatting two chapters of my book. Normally, I have a separate document for each chapter. Now, I'm merging them into one document.

    Susan :)

  13. Hi, D! Yep, I was stunned when I first saw the cover art too. I still am. Of course, I can't draw stick people. =)

    Greetings, Susan! Congratulations on merging! That always feels SO great. =)


  14. Wow, a great review, makes me want to read it right not! I liked the interview, too. Hats? grandmom, mother to my parents (figure that one out) office worker, writer....oh and I do cook. :P

  15. Ack! Too many hats and I wish they'd cover my ears. Heh.
    I think I've heard of her book before! Who wouldn't love a cowboy kidnapper? *grin*

  16. Hi, Karen! Yep, Jeanette sure does beautiful interviews.

    Jessica, as far as those cowboys we love . . . how about Robert Redford's character in The Horse Whisperer? You gotta love a good man with a horse. =)


  17. I have to read it yet!! But I did buy it - looks intriguing! :)

  18. Hi, Jamie! Wonderful photo. I miss them being that small. Mine are either looking across at me or looking down. =)-



  19. Oh, these are so going on my list of books to read!

    So many hats to wear, but I LOVE them all!


  20. Happy Thursday, Laura! Thank you so much for stopping by. Figurative hats aside, I love the real ones too.


  21. What hats do I wear? Wife, Mother, Friend, Confidante, Communications Co-ordinator, Drama Team Member-Producer, Writer.

    Just to name a few.

  22. Amazing, isn't it, that we multi-hat-wearers don't all get paid like the highly gifted managers we are? =)-

  23. Elaine W. Miller here at Great interview. I look forward to reading this book and giving it to my Kentucky relatives.

    What helped me overcome discouragement in my process of being published? Hebrews 12:2, "Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus..." As I write, I concentrate on His call on my life and what He wants me to say to readers. People laughed at me when I told them I wanted to write a book. God didn't laugh. So far, He's published two books and filled my head and heart with several more. Jesus is my greatest encourager and I focus on Him.

  24. I LOVE that Bible verse, Elaine. Thank you so much for sharing it! =)




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