Monday, April 26, 2010

What About YOU? Favorite Season

Every Monday I ask a question,
to get to know YOU better.

Okay, ready for today’s?
What is your favorite season?

Although Lady Spring allures me
with her vibrant tulip dresses
and scents of newly mown grass,

I cast my vote for Her Royal Highness, Summer.

My childhood memories spill over
with prancing through sprinklers,
slurping Granddad’s homemade ice cream,
and croquet games with cousins.

I adore the long, party-filled, barefoot days of Summer.

What about YOU?


  1. Well, here in Mumbai, the climate is generally humid and having lived here for the most part of my life, I am so used to of the hot and humid climate that I yearn for experiencing what it feels like to be in a snowfall:) There occurs snowfall in the northern regions of India but I've never lived there..... favourite is winter....I love the colder months because that is when I enjoy the warmth:)

  2. I LOVE autumn. I love the wind and the leaves and the heavier skies (sometimes). Unfortunately, Florida seems to skip fall. But a winter here is almost like fall, so I'll take that. :-)
    Sweet memories you have!

  3. Summer here is too hot and humid...blick.

    I love Winter: the holidays, fireplaces aglow, the cheery time of year, snuggles in a blanket, hot tea and cocoa, occasional's beautiful.

  4. SO hard to choose... I LOVE the warmth & sunshine, the neighborhood abuzz with kids' playful laughter, and long days of summer, but I also love the fall: the rustle & crunch of piles of leaves as the kids dive in, the colors and smells of the fall trees, & cozy sunday pots of chili, fresh baked bread and apple crisp....
    So, I guess I cheated and chose two :D

  5. My answer to this changes with the seasons. ;)

    But if I have to choose, I'll go with autumn.
    ~ Wendy

  6. When I loved in PA, I loved summers best. But after moving to Florida, I vote for fall--it is really much like our summers up north. Low humidity, no rain and just gorgeous:)

  7. Goodmoring, Jeanette!

    I would have to say that I'm an all-season kind of gal. I like each one in its proper time. But then I'm ready to move on to the next one right about the time it's due to arrive. Really. I truly find something special about it one. And fortunately I live in an area of the country where each season is very distinct!

  8. I love things about all the seasons:
    Summer: Picnics and the sounds, breezes and boating, barefeet and fishing, 4th of July

    Fall: cool nights, decorating, pumpkins and scarecrows, crunchy leaves, good cider, rows of produce, Thanksgiving

    Winter: my fireplace and homemade soups, falling snowflakes, snowmen, Christmas, candles

    Spring: new birth, spring flowers, cleaning up the afteraffects of winter; planting, warm weather, spring sounds.

    So if I have to choose, Fall and Spring are my favs, but winter and summer aren't far behind. :)

  9. SUMMER! Because I'm home with my little man and it's warm and we can be outside all day!

  10. I really like summer...but spring is great fun because you're leaving the cold winter, and fall is the cooling off of hot summer :) Can't we make a season of 75 degrees all year round? Maybe in Heaven right?! :)

  11. I love spring. The first sneak peek at warm weather. The first green on the trees. The bark darkens in the rain and the grass gets greener. I love the anticipation of beautiful.

  12. Oh, that's such a hard question. When it winter, I really look forward to spring, when it's spring, I look forward to summer, and so on. Winter is my least favorite, though.

    Yeah, I'm going to have to go with summer. Long days, so much to do, time with family--it makes me happy!

  13. Always has been spring. I love the promise, the perfect temperatures, getting out in my garden and feeling the cool soil and seeing old friends poke their heads up from the ground. I adore lilacs and daffodils and crabapple and redbud trees. Putting away winter coats, making summer plans. The first flower, butterfly, robin, picnic, bike ride. It's a season of wonder that never gets old.

  14. I think it would be easier if you asked me what season I disliked the most! lol

    I do NOT like the heat so I would have to say the season of Fallwinterspring is my favorite. I love wearing sweaters and sweatshirts and snuggling up close to the fire. During the cool months, I can always put something else on to get warm, but during the summer, there is only so much I will take off to get cool! ROFLOL!

    Blessings, my friend~

  15. Hi Jen -

    Spring rocks! Seeing the earth come alive after a harsh winter thrilled me.

    The flowering trees, spring flowers, and preparation for a new garden make me spring into action (pun fully intended).

    Susan :)

  16. Fall, fall fall!!!!!! ALthough it is also a very hectic season since school starts. Have a great day!

  17. Fall is my favorite...I am not sure why....accept that my heart loves the beautiful mountains as the leaves change. I grew up being able to see the mountains each I have to drive a couple of hours to find the treasures GOD has placed within them.

  18. I love the fall. I guess partly because it is so refreshing after the heat of summer.

  19. I love the warmer weather. Beach fun, and my body just doesn't "do" cold.

  20. Ummm,,, spring, summer and fall.
    Can I choose all three?

    Love you,

  21. I enjoy your questions and reading all of the answers.

    Ha! Only one vote for winter when it was by itself. Maybe that's because winnter is sooo long.

    My favorite is spring. That feeling you get on the first warm day, that balmy madness which can only be called Spring Fever, I love it.

  22. Jen:
    I like the Spring best because I enjoy seeing the earth come awake after a season of slumber.
    I love the colors of fall- the vivid reds,golds,yellows,and browns of the changing leaves. But I know what comes next and I definitely don't like that season.

  23. The cool and color of autumn, hands down. I am, however, enjoying these spring days in Eastern, NC. We rarely get spring weather and, instead, jump head on into summer. It's been nice to watch the earth come into bloom again.



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