Friday, June 18, 2010

Jesus and My Pet Peeves

Did Jesus have any pet peeves? What about:
  • His intolerance at the religious leaders' hypocrisy;
  • His irkiness over the disciples' lack of faith;
  • His anger with the preists' abuse of the temple
 Scripture teaches that complaining is sin.
However, based on Jesus' life, there are times when it's appropriate to say,

"This is wrong;" "You need to stop;" or "How long must I put up with this?"

I have my share of pet peeves. More than Jesus. Possibly more than most people. Arrogant types, lazy people and liars leave me grinding my teeth. Poor manners, noise masquerading as music and filthy language tempt me to slap people, or at least put them in time out for a year or two.

Do you have any Jesus-type pet peeves?


  1. You grind your teeth? Seriously? *grin*
    I actually am really annoyed by lying. (however, I did it myself the other day when I told Pizza Hut that I'd just gotten their special a month ago so their must be a mistake with the price when in actuality it was closer to three months ago.)
    I hate when I turn into a hypocrite. Heh.

  2. Blatant rudeness bugs me. Sometimes people don't even look behind them anymore when walking through a door. It's weird.

    ~ Wendy

  3. Jess: We all become hyppocrites now and then. At least you have the humility to admit it.

    Wendy: Yes, rudeness is at the top of my peeve list, too.

  4. Do bad drivers count as a Jesus pet peeve???
    Foul language can bug me, especially when arrogance drives a persons speech that way.

  5. Jesus type pet peeve? Yep. I recently posted one on my private blog (title My Picture of the World..).

    Seems many now are into 'moral relativism'. They think it's wrong to judge certain things sinful because if it's not right for me it could still be right for them.


    If God says it's wrong, it's wrong. Certain things are sin by His definition, not mine, and it's not 'mean' or 'intolerant' to refuse to accept sin as 'normal for them'.

    Ooo girl. You got me going again!

  6. Liars. I recognize them so well b/c I am a naturally born one.

    Judgmental people. (The old plank story)

    I could go on, but I'm trying to be positive today.


  7. My most irritating pet peeve is litering, especially when trash cans are just about everywhere. There's just no excuse for it.

    This one is personal. I get annoyed when I, who happen to be a fast moving person, have to wait on a conversation because people are clogging the way out. I do say excuse me, excuse me. But if they just noticed they were jamming up the works it would be easier on everyone. That probably isn't a very nice one. Sorry about that.

  8. Judgmental attitudes really bother me. I never looked at it this way until your blog post, but Jesus expressed his disdain for them too. I am thankful not to be judged harshly.

  9. Tardiness. I have gotten better when people do it. But I still think being tardy is very disrespectful. I fight annoyance at church when I am lifting my hands in worship only to be stopped because a late comer needs to get in my row.

  10. Foul language definitely bugs me. And rudeness, too. Like simple things--people smoking near you (and blowing smoke in your direction) without even considering how it might affect you. Which, for me is not good since it's a serious irritant and affects me worse than allergies do.

  11. Oh yeah. I have a problem with posers. Like the pharisees, you know? And I can't take it when people crack their gum in public. Silly, but true!

  12. Good post. My pet peeves, well, a few anyway, are hypocrites and and double standards.

    Have a blessedly wonderful weekend, all!

  13. Foul language, and words used to spice up a conversation that most people use a lot.

    It also really bugs me when people try to make jokes by saying something that isn't true. Even if everyone knows it isn't true and they all laugh. Sorry but I can't even smile it makes me that uncomfortable. A lie is a lie I don't care whether or not it was meant as a joke.

    Whew! Feels good getting that off my chest.

  14. Inconsideration drives me crazy!!! :O)

  15. Abusers of all kinds. Foul mouths....oh, only to name a few. But, hey, don't ask my hubbie what pet peeves he has about me! :O

  16. Judgemental people drive me crazy. I mean, we all have our junk...don't look down on others for their junk.

  17. Jen:
    I dislike people who can't accept the fact that I can't do something they ask and they act like they didn't hear you. (Something I am going through right now.)

  18. Hi Jen -

    I don't like companies that give you something with one hand and take away something else with the other. Grocery stores are on the top of my pet peeve list lately.

    Whatever happened to making an honest buck?


  19. The injustice of blaming or excusing actions based solely on age always bugs me. i.e., A vehicle accident involving a teenager and an adult is often assumed to be the teenager's fault, even when it isn't. Or the senior's wisdom is accepted as accurate while a young person's opinion is discounted because of inexperience. Or... oops, better not get me going on this!! :)



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