Monday, June 28, 2010

What About YOU? Birth Order

Every Monday I ask a question, to get to know YOU better.
Ready for today's?

What is your position of birth order in your family?
How has it affected your life and (if applicable) your writing?

I am the youngest of two and the only girl.
When my brother claims Mom spoiled me,
I throw myself down on the floor and hold my breath
until he recants.

I believe having that youngest, only female position tempted me to act silly for attention. I still yield to that temptation in my writing.

I love to make people laugh, then punch them with the truth of God's word. It feels as satisfying as punching my brother in the arm for teasing me all those years.

Your Turn...


  1. Haha. Good to know that!

    I am the eldest and have a brother younger to me. I would have loved it if I had many elder cousins - brothers/sisters. But unfortunately, I am the eldest amongst my cousins as well :(( So it is but natural I crave for being pampered, being given the VIP treatment (most of the times which I manage to get somehow).

    Just like me my writing has a mix of maturity and kiddish fantasies!

    Have a great day!

  2. I am the oldest of seven children. I have five brothers and a sister. Growing up, I always felt like my mother's assistant!

    My experiences in a large family, and with many extended family members who lived on our street, has given me endless experiences to use in my stories.

  3. It's my extended family, their rich Southern history, that gives life to my fiction. They bless me and so do you.

  4. The oldest the bossiest the most problematic.

    Thank the Lord that He let me in His family, where I am not the oldest, not the youngest, but redeemed!!!!

  5. I'm the baby. I've a 12-years-older half-brother who didn't grow up in the same house, so it was just like my sister (4 years older) and me. And yes, I'm the baby. It's less apparent as I age, but I've noticed it so shaped who I am... especially with the tragedy we recently lived, and how each aspect was handled by us respectively. It was a good lesson, I suppose.

    Leaving love here for you...

  6. I'm the oldest of 3 girls and I am the bossy one. I am also a people pleaser. :)

  7. I love your comment about your brother!LOL
    I am a middle child of three girls. I spent a lot of time writing out my emotions rather then vying for the time from my mom I guess:)

  8. I'm an only child (and the oldest of all the cousins). I've always been a private person and content with my 'loner' status. I can't recall ever wishing for siblings but when I see how well my own children interact with each other I realize I missed something precious.

    But as an only child I benefitted in other ways... they focused on me so I didn't have to compete for attention. They provided opportunities for me, encouraged me to believe in myself and my abilities, to 'think big' and always give my best. They were good life lessons!


  9. P.S. - "They" being my parents. I really should proofread before hitting 'submit', shouldn't I? ;)

  10. I'm the youngest of three--the only girl.
    Yes, I was daddy's little girl and borderline spoiled. BUT now that I'm grownup, (I'm still spoiled. LOL!!) but you would think I'm the oldest. I'm the rock that keeps the family together. :)

  11. I'm the oldest, with two bratty brothers. Do you think that affects my writing....bwuaaaahaaa...

  12. I am the second of four. Three girls and one boy. For some reason, my placement has made me the responsible--and most emotional--one. Don't know why, though!

    By the way, I love your new picture. Beautiful!

  13. Hi Jen -

    I'm the oldest, the middle, and the youngest, which makes me an only child. I pestered my parents for years for a brother or sister, but finally gave up.

    Years later, the Lord brought a close friend into my life, who has become my big sister.

    Susan :)

  14. Oldest of three girls, oldest cousin.
    I probably was a little too much of a people pleaser. Was also bossy and somewhat of a peacemaker. Also tend to think I know everything. Ha! :-) Not sure if my birth order does anything with my writing. LOL

  15. I am the oldest of four girls. I never thought about how that affects my writing, but I am sure it does somehow. The next oldest sister would say I was bossy:) You tell me, is my writing bossy now? lol

  16. I am the youngest of seven. I think it does two things to my work. It makes me think I have to "prove myself" more, and it makes me plunge ahead even if I'm not sure i know what I'm doing, because the youngest of seven has to fend for herself a lot!

  17. Jen,
    I am the youngest of 4 kids. A older sister, brother and another sister who is only older by 22 months. However I don't fit the everyone take care of the youngest thing, but I think I got a little more slack coming up because I was the last one at home. I was told by my sister one time she feels like I am the older sister. LOL

  18. I am the middle of three girls. This has caused me to try to be better than my older sister (never happen) and yearn for the "baby status" of the youngest. My middle child, a boy, is very well adjusted. A wrote a story for him called "Middle Child Maddness" or tales of a striver. In the story, he tries to better his brother and realises he has good qualities of his own. I think I wrote it for me more than for him. Thanks for asking. This is a very interesting topic to me.

  19. Ha ha! So funny! Oldest of three, one brother and one sister. I think that contributes to perfectionism, which shows up in my writing. Not that it's perfect, I mean. It just drives me nuts when it's not and pushes me to try and get it there. Make sense?

  20. Jen:
    My mother told people I was well loved. There was just me- no brothers or sisters. My day was the only child of his parents-he was raised with some cousins. Our son also is an only.
    I had a big undertaking when my dad and stepmother were both ill-first one, then the other. The boy she raised lived an hour away and had a demanding job.
    Because of being around grown-ups as a child, I learned to appreciate serene times. I still don't care for a lot of hub-bub.

  21. I am number 7 of 8 and I don't think there is a better position to have! I just blend into the woodwork! lol



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